Yoga For Moms- The Postures And Benefits

Today, mothers also become possessive about their health and body, they want to live a healthy and fit life. Moms are practicing yoga pre-delivery, during the delivery and even after the post-delivery.

So, if you are also in your golden period that means, if you are pregnant, then you must have to look for the yoga for the pregnant ladies. You must have to be very careful while practicing yoga when you are pregnant.

If you want to practice yoga, then here are some pose yoga for moms:

  • Boat Pose
  •  Bow Pose
  • Bound Angle Pose
  • Channel Cleaning Breathe
  • Conqueror Breathe
  • Corpse Pose
  • Dolphin Plank Pose
  • Dolphin Pose
  • Four-Limbed Staff Pose
  • Fire Log Pose
  • Half Lord of the Fishes Pose
  • Handstand
  • Half Moon Pose
  • Happy Baby Pose
  • One-Legged King Pigeon Pose
  • Revolved Head to Knee Pose

There are many other yoga poses for mom, but it is really very important to practice yoga under the trained yoga instructor because moms have to deal with the numerous health conditions, so it will be good to take the proper training for the yoga.

Yoga for Pregnant Ladies and Post Delivery

Pregnancy is really an amazing period of a woman’s life, but no one can deny with the fact of stress and strains that women face during the pregnancy and post-delivery. There are many ladies who struggle with common regular activities after giving birth.

Post-delivery, the body has to recover a lot, and the body is still recovering from the rigors of pregnancy and labor pain. But with the help of yoga, one can recover the body from the effects of childbirth as well as yoga is extremely beneficial for the pregnant ladies and even after the delivery.

The Best Yoga Postures For Them

When you think about practicing yoga, then you must have to practice the yoga as per your actual condition. There are different yoga postures for pregnant ladies and for the ladies who already delivered the baby, so you must have to practice the yoga as per your health condition.

Yoga Postures For Pregnant Ladies

Here are the yoga postures for the pregnant ladies that they can practice during the pregnancy:

  • Marjariasana – It is also called the Cat Stretch, and with this, you can stretch the neck and shoulders which will alleviate the stiffness.
  • Virabhadrasana – It is also known as Warrior Pose that improves the body balance, increase stamina and tones the arms, legs, and lower back.
  • Shavasana – It is also known as Corpse Pose, it will help in relaxing the body and repair the body and for this, you don’t have to put much efforts.

There are many yoga postures that you can practice during pregnancy like Viparita Karani (Legs up the Wall Pose), Yoga Nidra (Yogic sleep), Trikonasana (Triangle Pose), Badhakonasana (Butterfly Pose) and more.

But it will be good to practice yoga under the guidance of the instructor to avoid any mishappening. Join 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh and enjoy learning from the best institution in India.

Yoga Postures For Post-Delivery

Here are some yoga pose that you can practice post-delivery:

  • Neck Stretch (Roll): This pose is great for stress relief
  • Shoulder Stretch (Roll): This pose imparts flexibility to the shoulders.
  • Chest Stretch: This can be used as a warm-up pose after which high-level poses can be done.

Yoga pose

There are many yoga postures that you can practice post-delivery like Pelvic Tilt, Kegel Exercise, Pelvic Rocking, Tiger Pose, Cobra Pose, Camel Pose, Scissors Pose, Relaxation Pose, and more.

Join the best yoga teacher training in Rishikesh and try to perform these yoga poses under the guidance of professionals.

Benefits of Yoga Posture For Mom

There are many benefits of practicing yoga during pregnancy and post-delivery, here are some benefits:

  • Improved sleep
  • Reduced stress
  • Decreased lower back pain
  • Decreased nausea
  • Reduced risk of preterm labor
  • Decreased carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Decreased headaches
  • Increased strength, flexibility, and endurance

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  1. I was warned that a pregnant lady’s joints become soft. It is very important to do exactly what you say and do yoga under the eye of a professional so you can assure that your alignment is correct.

  2. These are definitely some great pregnancy yoga poses – many of which I did in my pre and post natal yoga classes. Prenatal yoga was such a wonderful relief when I was pregnant and something I always encourage when people are open to it!

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