Avocado oil is a thick and luscious oil obtained from the fatty flesh of avocados.

It is an excellent cooking oil which gives a rich and delicious flavor, but the extraordinary powers of avocado oil lie in its beauty benefits.

It is immensely useful in the skin and hair care world for its amazing moisturizing, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, healing and nourishing properties.

Here Are Some 10 Beauty Benefits Of Avocado Oil

Boosts Collagen
Collagen is the main protein structure found in our skin. It’s what binds, strengthens and elasticizes skin. Without collagen, skin becomes wrinkly, saggy and droopy. Avocado oil helps boost collagen production in skin. This promotes soft youthful skin and delays aging.

Great Moisturizer
With its thick consistency, avocado oil is the perfect moisturizer for dry skin. If your skin is dry, itchy, painful and inflamed, avocado oil is your go-to moisturizer. You can make a nourishing body lotion using avocado oil as the base!

Heals Wounds
Avocado oil works so fast at healing wounds, cuts and scrapes.

Removes Dark Circles
Some people swear by avocado oil for dark circles. Avocado oil also helps erase dark circles due to its high vitamin and fatty acid content. It also nourishes the delicate under-eye skin and keeps it soft and wrinkle-free.

Prevents Premature Aging
Delay wrinkles and smooth out fine lines with avocado oil! It softens skin, maintains its elasticity and boosts collagen, all of which prevent premature aging. You can make an anti-aging serum with avocado oil, which has a perfect thick serum-like consistency.

Good for Eczema
Eczema, being a dry inflamed skin condition can also be treated naturally using avocado oil. You can use it straight out of the bottle or combine it with your body lotion.

Makeup Remover
A number of celebrities use avocado oil as a makeup remover. Its heavy texture makes it possible to use just a few drops to wipe off eye makeup in seconds.

Good for Nails
Avocado oil is excellent for dry brittle nails and peeling cuticles. Make your own lubricating nail oil for beautiful nails & cuticles!

Fights Hair Loss
Hair loss issues can be addressed using avocado oil. It moisturizes the scalp, nourishes the hair follicles and promotes hair growth.

Soothes Sun Damaged Skin
Avocado oil is contains powerful anti-inflammatory compounds that soothe and heal sun damaged skin. You can apply it straight on the affected area.

How to make Avocado Oil


1. Avocado (the fruit may be slightly rotten)

2liter of coconut cream (optional)

3. Coconut oil (optional)

4. 2 tbsp of any other oil for flavour (optional)


1. Pour all the ingredients into a bowl and thoroughly mix with a blender until the mixture gets really smooth.

2. Cook the mixture on medium heat stirring every five minutes. When it starts to boil,avocado oil will surface near the bubbles. The water will be expelled from the mixture because of the heat.

3. Continue cooking and stirring until the colour of the mixture gets dark and the water evaporates.

4. Put a cloth on the top of the bowl and overturn it so that you have a kind of sack with avocado oil mixture in it.

5. Squeeze it hard until all the avocado oil contained in the mixture flows out drop by drop into the bowl.

6. Pour the oil into a clean dry bottle.

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