The neem plant is local to India but has increasingly spread to numerous parts of the world throughout the years.

Neem leaves is used locally as herbal homeremedies, also as medicine for so many years in Pharmaceutical, Cosmetology and Toiletries for centuries.

Pretty much all aspects of this ponder plant is Medicinal, extending from roots, bark, twigs, leaves, the flowers and seeds.

It’s extremely basic inside the Hausa people group in Cameroon all the more particularly in the Northen districts which overwhelmingly possessed by the Hausa ethnic gathering. They call it “Dogo Yarow” which when deciphered means “TALL CHILD”


Cardiac Problems: Infusions of leaves in HOT water when taken expels terrible sugars and poisons from blood, it widens the veins, enhances blood course and equalizations heart siphoning rates.

High Blood Pressure: It loosens up whimsical heart thumps and parities circulatory strain. Research demonstrates that the intravenous organization of neem leaf liquor separate essentially finds pulse.

Eczema : Dried leaves are scorched on intensely on hot charcoal and cover to fix skin inflammation

Pesticides/Insecticide: Pound a couple of bunch of seeds, include water, squash and sift thoroughly with a spotless sifter or a mesh cloth. Use to splash on your plants.

As a Contraceptive: Neem is a herbal preventive route, it squares spermatogenesis(the creation of sperm cells) without influencing the generation of testosterone. It is in this way accepted to be a perfect preventive for anti-conception medication as it is regular, accessible, nontoxic and reasonable to all.

Cancers: Breast, prostate and all form of cancer, neem tree leaves tea detoxify the system and improve immune response, eliminate free radicals and inhibit inflammatory reactions. It destroys cancer cells more especially prostate cancer growth and inhibits its spread.

Typhoid and Malaria: Neem leaves tea is an effective cure for typhoid and malaria (fever).

Blood Purification: Neem leave is an excellent means for enhancing good circulation of blood.

Wound Treatment And Pain killer: Extracts of leaves and seeds together gives a good anti-inflammatory that relives pains , heals cuts, wounds, headache, sprains and ear aches. Neem oil is used to treat sweet itch and mud fever in horse.

Skin Tonner: Boil about 20 to 25 leaves in a liter of water in a closed vessels over a gentle flame for about 20 minutes. Then filter and put in a clean bottle and always use with the aid of a cotton to clean face every night before going to sleep. It removes dead skin, treat acne and rejuvenates skin.

Antibiotics: Leaves, barks, and almost all part of a neem tree have antibiotics effect, but the twigs have highest antibiotics effect which works against dangerous bacterial.

A traditional Indian plants medicine (Azadirachta indica) has now led to several therapeutically useful preparation and compounds due to which the scientist are exploring information about this medicinal tree plant. After you have read all the above information it’s now time to make good use off centuries old knowledge on neem through modern approaches of drugs and vaccines development.

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