The Best Machines for Cardiovascular Exercise

When doing cardio, that is, cardiovascular exercise, the heart rate increases, so you start to sweat. This is a sign that calories are burning efficiently.

Currently, apart from doing cardiovascular exercises with the weight of your body, thanks to new technologies, machines can be used.

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■ Treadmills

A treadmill is a common cardio machine, this is a platform with a treadmill that moves continuously when walking or running on it, this is thanks to an electric motor. Although there are also some models without motor, in which the individual is the one who drives the treadmill.

It is not recommended to use the treadmill in the case of back or knee pain since these cause wear, although it also burns a large number of calories So that the wear is as low as possible in the case that this type of pain is suffered, it is best to simply walk quickly.

A highly recommended training is that the machine is inclined, since it produces high intensity training if you walk quickly on a steep slope.



■ Exercise Bike

An exercise bike does not produce great wear and raises the heart rate to a level similar to the treadmill. Because the bicycle is used from a position in which you are sitting, the main muscles that are worked are those of the lower body.

A recumbent bicycle has a wraparound seat with a backrest making it more comfortable, the pedals are in front of the body, causing the pedaling to occur in a horizontal position. Those who suffer from back pain tend to use these models because they have a more comfortable design.


■ Elliptical Bike

An elliptical bike is a machine that produces low wear and simultaneously exercises the upper and lower body, it would be like cross-country skiing.

They put their feet on the pedals, grab the handles and we began to move our arms and legs back and forth in a smooth and sliding motion. Stride distance, incline and resistance can be adjusted to vary workouts.


■ Rowing Machine

Rowing has the function of simulating the action that would be carried out in a rowboat, this occurs in a sitting position. The paddle produces low wear and with it, employ various muscles in the upper and lower body.

If you want to make the most difficult workouts, you just have to increase the resistance. Depending on how you take the grip of the oar, that is with the palms facing down to the palms facing up, change the training muscles.


■ Climber

There are two types of climbers. The first one has a small staircase that rotates in a circular way when walking on it, it also has a structure to support the hands and thus not lose balance, the top of the machine has a digital screen with which you can adjust the speed.

The second has pedals that move up and down and a hands pose on the top. The exercise that occurs is similar to walking down some stairs.


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