Medicinal Benefits Of Canyenne Pepper

Botanical Name- “CAPSICUM FRUTESCENS” Cayenne/Chilli/Red pepper commonly called red pepper in Africa, is a herbal solution to Arthritis, Rheumatism, Stomach ulcer,high coloestrol,spondilosis,hypertension etc. What Are The Nutritional Properties? Antioxidants, carotene, capsicum, choking, dietry fibre, essential oils, iron, protein, sterile, vitamin A, B, C and E Medicinal Use Cayenne Pepper is […]

Flat Tummy Detox Water

Detoxifying your system with this water helps to eradicate stomach bloating, indigestion and curbs unnecessary cravings. Continue usage of this water gives you flat stomach and a healthy digestive organ. The things needed for the detox water consist of cucumber, lemon, ginger, mint leaves and here are their benefits. 1: […]