Dealing With The Use Of Hard Water On Natural Hair

Dealing With The Use Of Hard Water On Natural Hair Many naturalistas living in areas with hard water seem to have experienced alot of using hard water in the course of their hair care routines. The very high presence of minerals in hard water causes a lot of problems on our hair with or without…

Dealing With Dry Hair

Dry hair is a problem for all naturals for many reasons. Stemming from the environment, manipulation and over exposed ends to just the basic shape of the hair strand. The curlier your hair the harder it is for moisture to travel down the strand, and to add one more complication our strands tend to tangle…


One reason why a lot of women are reluctant to go natural or give up easily on their natural hair journey is mostly due to the “dry hair epidemic”. In the black hair community, no matter how many products we use on our hair, it seems like nothing can keep our kinky, coily hair soft….

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