Homemade Meat-Pie Recipe

When you have kids and you work from home as a mum, you should make attempt at baking your kids snacks. By doing that, you know what goes in and it’s Nutritional value to your kids and the family. Most times those commercialized snacks can be dangerous to our health […]

Marble Cake Recipe

Saw this recipe on a Facebook Group for Cake Bakers. so I decided to try it out.Below is the original Ingredients used  Ingredients: ■Flour(3 cups) ■Milk(1 cup of powdered milk) ■Egg(I used 8 big eggs) ■Butter(250g) ■Sugar(1 cup) ■Baking powder(1 spoon) ■Preservative(half spoon and 2 tbsp) ■Nutmeg(1tsp) ■Flavours(I used milk, […]

Easy Vanilla Muffin

My love for baking my kids snacks can’t be rated. I feel that every Mom should endeavour to make their kids snacks, majorly school snacks. Homemade snacks is the best as far as I am concerned, [case study] – I was giving my kids store bought juice. My LO was […]