Hot oil treatment is a deep conditioning treatment, basically done with oil.

And has been consider a great hair strengthening treatment in recent times.

It’s been discovered that spicing up your hot oil treatment with some few spices in your pantries will add super extra boost to your hair.

These spices are fortified with great healing properties because

▪They help to stimulate the scalp for hair growth

▪Prevents hair loss, dandruff or itchy scalp

▪Encourages thicker hair and also makes it healthier

Spices To Use

Anyone of the below spices can be used:

1. Thyme

Thyme spice


2. Rosemary

Rosemary spice

3. Clove

Clove spice


1. Take anyone of the above spice and blend but do not blend to complete powder state (you can use mortar/pestle or grinding stone in the absence of a blender).

2. Return blended spice to container and add olive oil or pure vegetable oil enough to rise above the blended spice in the container.

3. Cover and allow to sit for three days and sieve using a net sieve to separate spice particles from oil.

4. Take your sieved oil warm it up using a stove, microwave or hot water (be sure not to allow the hot water get into your oil).

5. Apply warm oil on clean damp washed hair from scalp to ends.

6. Cover with a plastic or shower cap and allow to sit for 1 hour then rinse with clean cool water.

7. Hot oil treatment is best done 2 times in a month, this can also be done as a prepoo.

8. You can also mix two or more spices if u wish.

Note: The spicy hot oil treatment is the same with the normal hot oil treatment, Just a difference of added spice.


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