The most vital component in making this product at home is coconut oil. Coconut oil has moisturising features which can be advantageous to all of us, it is also great for cracked lips.

whilst you’re getting ready to make the lip balm, make sure that you have all the ingredients needed. The most common function making your own beauty product, is that it’s miles a 100% organic and natural which makes it safe for use, until you decide incorporating whatever else. All you need are coconut oil and scented essential oils preffered by you, you can pick out Moroccan Argan oil because Argan oil is a nicely scented oil and also recognised in treating dry skin.


1/2 Cup Coconut Oil

1 Tablespoon Argan oil or any essential oil of your choice.


Just know that the procedure is pretty easy to carry out, mix all the natural oils right into a pan and heat up at the cooker. Ensure you have a large amount of coconut oil than the argan oil, do not heat on a high temperature because it can burn the oil faster. You simply dont need to cook the oils.

Natural Coconut oil has a specific composition because it thickens quickly  once it’s stored or kept in a cold temperature area like inside a fridge, etc. The reason you’re melting coconut oil is to ensure the Argan oil mix into the coconut so as to have a quality texture before storing into a container.

Okay! Ensure that you have a great mixture from both oils inside the pot to avoid lumpy oil.

Pour the cold /warm oil into an air tight box or container, If you prefer a solid jelly or balm then the fastest approach is to put the mixture inside the refridgerator. No cause to worry over the oil dissolvong  except the container is left in heated area like in the vehicle or under the Sun.

If you are like me that prefers Selfmade or Homemade BEAUTY products, then it’s advised to carry out a wrist test so as to check if it’s ideal for your skin before using it daily. Albeit that oils don’t have an excessive acidity level, a few folks can react negatively to it.

Lastly making your lip balm is greatly useful and has wonderful benefits for folks who reacts from store sold BEAUTY  cosmetics, and yes it helps to save from shopping. Most factory manufactured cosmetic products have chemicals which is used to preserve them to keep it useful which might be dangerous for our skin.

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