Marble Cake Recipe

Saw this recipe on a Facebook Group for Cake Bakers. so I decided to try it out.Below is the original Ingredients used  Ingredients: ■Flour(3 cups) ■Milk(1 cup of powdered milk) ■Egg(I used 8 big eggs) ■Butter(250g) ■Sugar(1 cup) ■Baking powder(1 spoon) ■Preservative(half spoon and 2 tbsp) ■Nutmeg(1tsp) ■Flavours(I used milk, […]


Hello Naturalisters welcome on board, hope everyone is good and enjoying your natural hair!! Today we will be discussing about PROTEIN TREATMENT AND A DIY RECIPE. Our hair is mainly made with protein and the protein is one of those aspects that keeps our hair healthy and strong. BENEFITS ■Restores […]