Newbouldia laevis is a fast-growing evergreen shrub or small tree. 

The tree has a range of local medicinal uses, for which it is gathered from the wild. It is often grown as a living hedge to mark boundaries, and is also sometimes grown as an ornamental, where it is valued for its flowers. Credits Tropical.theferns

■ Remedy For Ovulation Disorder

Dry the stem and bark of newbouldia, grind to powder. Pour your hot water in a cup of tea and add 1tbsp of dried newbouldia stem and bark and half tbsp of ginger powder. Leave it for ,20mins and drink.
One cup in the morning and at night for 30days.

Treatment For Epilepsy And Convulsion In Children

Note: Cook the bark, give the solution(water) to children to drink daily. The solution is taken in the treatment of cough, Diarrhoea and dysentery also.

■The bark apply externally is said to cure a range of skin conditions including septic wounds, abscesses and ulcers and is also used to treat snakebites.

■The young leaf can also be cooked with palm fruit oil, drink during labour to facilitate easy delivery.

■Cook the leaves, get the water and use as gargle in the mouth for 4-5 minutes daily, it is used to treat dental issues. Also the powdered root combine with chili pepper are put into a carious tooth to treat toothache.

Herbs still the ultimate

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