Cayenne/Chilli/Red pepper commonly called red pepper in Africa, is a herbal solution to Arthritis, Rheumatism, Stomach ulcer,high coloestrol,spondilosis,hypertension etc.

What Are The Nutritional Properties? Antioxidants, carotene, capsicum, choking, dietry fibre, essential oils, iron, protein, sterile, vitamin A, B, C and E

Medicinal Use

Cayenne Pepper is only suitable to be utilized as a medicine but adding too much in foods or used as food ingredients in large quantities, can trigger irritations because it contains a natural stimulating and additive tendencies that make the blood impure, causes feverish state, irritate the stomach, opens the way for acidosis, causes gastric ulcers, hypertension and numerous health menace and diseases

Caution: The ONLY best and appropriate way to use CAYENNE as a form of medicine when drank or taken into the body or for topical application. The same ingredients is capable to cause all these diseases listed above

DOSAGE: take 1 quaver of a teaspoon of cayenne powder with 250ml of water. Drink it 3 times daily before meals for the above mentioned conditions. For external purpose, make a poultice and apply it to treat arthritis, knee pain, osteoarthritis and rheumatism twice daily

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