For Naturalisters, it’s no news that we have delicate Hair but the Tips are most delicate and are unprotected from  breakage,  because they are the oldest part of the hair.

We can shield our hair by putting it in protective styles, e.g. box-braids, twists, threads, locs, etc. Scarves can also be used to protect our hair, it’s not limited to our bad hair days only.

So what Do We Need To Do To Protect Our Natural Hair?

1. MOISTURIZING: Water is a good source moisturizer, but it tends to evaporate if not properly sealed in. A butter-based moisturizer with water (aqua) as the first ingredient on the list will keep your ends stay soft and well moisturized.

Simply apply the moisturizer on your hands and scrunch it in (best done before styling your hair). In the absence of a store-bought moisturizer, you can use aloe vera gel.

2. SEAL WITH HEAVY BASED OIL: You can also keep your ends protected by sealing with heavy oils e.g. [Jamaican Black Castor Oil (JBCO)]. You can make do with the regular castor oil, it’s also thick enough to seal your ends.

This oil keeps your ends clumped together, hence preventing breakage. [Remember, you can easily break a single stick of a broom but it would be difficult to break a whole bunch].

3. TUCK THEM AWAY: You can tuck your ends in Buns, Rolls, Doughnuts, Pin Up, Up-dos or Thread it.

NOTE- Our natural hair, on the average grows half an inch every month. We need to put measures in place to retain that length.


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  1. These are very good tips. My daughter is mixed and I found that Aegean oil works quite well for her hair texture. ?

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