White teeth are all people look for in their life, white and clean teeth always bring positive changes in life.

It enhances your charm and beauty. This can also be considered in various professional places as it shows your oral hygiene sense.

You can find out a lot of toothpaste in the market, which can help you get white and shining teeth. But, have you ever thought about the harmful chemical substances used in it. They can destroy your teeth little by little every day.

As you see, this article is about knowing the facts about these kinds of toothpaste and also finding healthy alternatives for teeth whitening. There are many different natural materials which can be mixed and give you one of the amazing results even better than any regular branded toothpaste.

But, make sure you make a generous and wise decision while using these natural whitening ingredients as it can also lead to damaging the teeth. There are few natural ingredients which have properties to balance the pH of the mouth.

Natural materials for teeth whitening

■ Coconut Oil

This oil does not only help in fixing the cavities but also helps in getting the teeth to react to its properties and make them soft white. These options are always better than paying teeth whitening cost at dentaldental clinics.

■ Water With Mineral Contents

Water having mineral compounds help in getting your teeth clean thoroughly but also make them get back the shine. All the heavy and unnecessary metals will fall off and prevent erosion.

■ Shell Of Cocoa

The paste of cocoa is considered to be a great whitening agent for teeth. It can also help in making the teeth shine and have mineralized substance. The effect of this paste is not aggressive and abrasive. It is good for breaking the bacterial plaque.


Sensitive teeth

Harmful Substances Used In Regular Toothpaste

Conventional toothpaste carries some harmful ingredients that we should avoid. We must also take into account that the toothpaste is perhaps the hygiene product we use the most (at least twice a day), and in an area as sensitive as the mouth.

Poorly maintained teeth can cause unpleasant complications, which is why natural and ecological toothpaste is the healthiest option because they are harmless.

Some Of The Dangerous Substances Present In Conventional Dentifrices And Mouthwashes Are

■ Sodium Lauryl Sulphate

It is a foaming substance that gives a very pleasant sensation of freshness, but also irritates oral tissues and can even cause sores and tenderness. Also, that a product makes more foam does not mean that it cleans more.

■ Fluorine

Although many dentists recommend the use of fluoride toothpaste to reduce the risk of caries, there are also many detractors of this substance. However, an excess of fluoride caused dental fluorosis, which causes stains and wears on tooth enamel. The European Union cosmetics law limits fluoride content to 0.15%.

■ Triclosan And Chlorhexidine

They are antibacterial and fungicidal substances widely used in the cosmetic industry. But the problem with these ingredients is that they affect the positive flora of the mouth, and favor the appearance of resistant bacteria.

These substances have harmful effects on the environment, since plants cannot eliminate them, and they have been found in river systems. There are also doubts about the safety of triclosan since its possible hormonal disruptive effect has been studied.

■ Dyes And Synthetic Flavors

Of course, the colorless white, or almost fluorescent, and all those strong flavors are due to the presence of chemical ingredients for such effects.

Characteristics Of Organic Toothpaste

In contrast to conventional products, organic dentifrices have some extra benefits, beyond the obvious ones that they produce do not contain all the ingredients we have mentioned. Also, it is worth knowing some characteristics of these toothpaste before visiting and making a search in a dental hospital near me.

They Are Not Colorless White

The color of organic toothpaste is usually a beige tone since they do not carry artificial colors.

With this, you can use direct or indirectly the natural materials which can lead to giving you a great smile with white teeth. The results are always turned better than regular toothpaste.


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