How To Choose Carrier Oils For Your Hair

Carrier Oils

The curl pattern of your hair is not as important as Hair Strand Width, Hair Density and Hair Porosity. The article below is a general guide to finding the right type of products for your hair, based on hair strand width, which I consider as the most important in understanding your hair.

You only need the right blend of water which is for moisture and oils which is for smoothing to be able to control your curls or coils. The tricky part of all this is basically the Oil You are settling for.
If the Oils are heavy, they will definitely weigh your hair down and if it’s too light, you will battle with frizz.

Your first thoughts should be finding the best leave-in that your hair will love, in which you should make sure you know your hair strands thickness, which is ”fine to medium or medium to thick”. So when you go shopping for a hair product , make sure to understand if its meant for you or not.

These two words Coarse and Thick are interchangeably used in describing individuals hair strand and this has nothing to do with your ethnicity. For example, two ladies might have same or similar hair coils or curls, but their strands might be twice the size from each other.
The best way to confirm exactly where your hair group falls, is by paying a visit to a dermatologist or trichologist, who has a microscope specially designed to measure hair strand size.

Fine hair strands are between 60 micrometers in diameter, thick hairs equally are within 100 micrometers in diamete.
But, the sign of a fine hair is a thick roots with a thin-looking pony. If your hair is fine, then you probably will have lots of hair strands and these strands appears nice and dense within the roots. While the hair grows longer in length, the thinness of the strands will appear visibly,

The thickness of hair strands varies differently on the parts of the head, so it might be difficult in deciding how to categorize it, well all you need is a good hair product that gives you a good routine care. Wisely choose leave-in conditioners and stylers mostly on the top 5 of carrier oils listed below.

If your hair strands are fine to medium type, then choose products that have light oils. And if your hair strands are medium to thick, then make use of Heavy oils. The major thing is for you to be able to distribute your leave-in or styler evenly from hair roots to tips and not be bothered about greasy hair.

Below Are Heavy Oils For Medium To Thick Hair Strands

▪Avocado Oil
▪Coconut Oil
▪Jojoba Oil
▪Olive Oil
▪Mineral Oil
▪Shea Butter
▪Castor Oil

Light Oils For Fine To Medium Hair Strands

▪Grapeseed Oil
▪Sweet Almond Oil
▪Sunflower Oil
▪Soybean Oil
▪Argan Oil
▪Mango Butter

Note To Self
In your Healthy hair journey, there will always be trias and error, until you understand your hair and what works,  and proper regimen to glued to. Don’t give up, take it one step at a time, till you are in better place with your hair.


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