How many times have you seen the professional yogis doing Pilates and thought that yoga is not for you?

Yoga is very much different from normal physical workouts. Yoga is something that helps you to connect with your mind, and you can regulate your blood pressure by doing yoga on a regular basis.

If you think that yoga is not your cup of tea, then wait! After reading this article, you will surely revisit your thoughts on yoga. With these few yoga tips for beginners, you will be able to get the most out of your practice.

■Decide On What Yoga You Wish To Do

Before you start doing yoga, you must forget about all the myths that you have read in books and the internet, just calm down and relax. You may have your personal reasons for doing yoga- maybe for losing weight or for spiritual growth or your physiotherapist may suggest you do certain moves for your arthritis.

Know your reasons exactly and then start your sessions. Do not attempt any hard moves like Pilates in the beginning. Start with simple and easy ones!

■Always Take Professional Guidance

Most of us think that it is not possible for us to start yoga in our home. Do not try any of the tough yoga poses like Pilates or others by taking guidance from the internet.

As a novice, you should always take professional guidance to understand the different moves of Pilates and yoga. An instructor will check your body weight and other medical conditions. Depending on your current physical health, he will suggest you the ones you should be doing and how often it should be done.

■Buy A Loose And Breathable Dress For Yoga

Pilates group working out in a gym
Pilates group working out in a gym

You will find basic kits for yoga and physical activities online. Always buy comfortable clothes- the best would be leggings or stretchy pants with a loose and breathable top.  Avoid wearing any jewelry or belts while doing yoga or Pilates. Yoga is for relaxing and therefore choosing a viable dress combination will matter a lot.

■Adjust In Your Food Habits

A healthy lifestyle should include proper exercise and nutritious food choices. If you binge on burger and pizzas, then yoga will be of no help. Keep a check on the calories and do not indulge in the high carb or high-fat meals.

You should have enough protein to maintain mass muscles. Do not eat at least two hours before doing Pilates or yoga. In this case, you can ask your instructor to make a diet plan and you can follow the same to maintain your fitness.

■Practice Daily In The Morning

The best time to do yoga is early in the morning. However, if you have nightshifts or if you are a busy person, keep 15 to 20 minutes every day for practicing yoga. Do not make any excuses for not practicing yoga. Yoga should be a part of your daily routine.

■Do Warm-up Before Hitting The Mat

You can warm up your body by doing some exercises before each session of yoga. Rotate your neck clockwise and anticlockwise, touch your toe, pump your shoulders and shake your legs and hands to revive your energy.

If you want to be a pro in Pilates and other asanas, you must do a lot of warm-ups. Without body flexibility, you will never be able to move to the next level.

Stay regular with your practice so that you can enjoy the benefits of yoga. You will be able to subtle benefits only when you practice daily. Be patient and give enough time to your body for the long term results.

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