Sweet potato has so many nutritional properties like Adeponectin, anthocyanins.

It is an antibacterial, antidiabetic, anti fungal, antimicrobial, antioxidants, antiseptic, antiviral, Barton, carotenoids, calcium, carbohydrate chlorophyll, choking, copper, dietry fibre, etc.

Sweet Potato is Botanically known as IPOMOEA BATATAS, it is an ultimate solution to blurred vision, cancers, cardiovascular disease, coronary artrey disease, eye infection, high blood pressure, sores and wounds.

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How To Use Sweet Potato As Alternatives Health Home Remedy

Preparation of Sweet Potatoe Leaves
Take about 30-70g of the sweet potato leaves and 7 pieces of cloves, boiled them with 1 litre of water for 10-14 minutes for the treatment of the above listed ailments

Dosage: Children under 5 years should take 1 teaspoonful 3 times daily before meals while Adukts should take 2 tablespoonful 3 times daily before meals.

The paste or poultice of the leaf is applied topically to treat athletes foot, sores,ulcer and wounds twice daily.

The Root And Tuber: Eat sweet potato with the skin regularly for the treatment of blurred vision, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, coronary artery diseases, diabetes etc.


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  1. I love sweet potatoes and I really want to grow them too. They have so many beneficial qualities. Thank you for the insightful article and I hope it encourages others to look into this amazing vegetable.

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