A lot of times many of us go through the struggle of STAYING FIT, living an active life keep us fit, we look good and young too.

Our approach to healthy lifestyle is based on the level of activities carried out during our daily routine.

The most common approach to staying fit is to maintain a degree of fitness, which aids in weightloss, building muscle or defining our muscle, being sporty, etc.

Staying Fit present us the opportunity of having fun, with great relaxation moments which is beneficial to our body and mind, our life span increases. we experience health vitality, good shape, self esteem, quality sleep.

Why not read up this WEIGHT LOSS TIPS- LIVE A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE   post to understand it’s usefulness.


1. SEX LIFE GRATIFICATION: When we exercise regularly, our sex libido increases. Our brain secretes a hormone called endorphins into our nervous system. These endorphins help to stimulate our libido which reduces our heart rate, relaxes our body, our cortisol level and improves digestions as well as lowers our blood pressure.

2. CANCER RSIK FREE: Exercise is Important in reducing risk of breast cancer, we also benefit from the lung and colon cancer risk. Researchers discovers that staying fit is very crucial because it aids in preventing breast cancer as it has a higher level of estrogen that is found inside fat which is the risk cause.

3. GLOWING SKIN: Our skin benefit from staying fit, as we exercise to be in shape our skin glow as well. Exercise is a beauty enhancer, it helps blood to flow to our skin. Exercise improves acne via the control of acne induce testosterone productions, e.g. DHEA, DHT. While sweating when exercising, we unclog our skin pores which helps to clear up breakouts, unknowingly we are detoxifying our skin from dirt’s caused by oil, cream or dust, etc.

4. MENTAL ENHANCEMENT: Exercise is important in improving quality life and health, mostly in work related; exercise improves our work life productiveness, self confidence. When we are fit, we stay focused; it brings out great leadership traits in us which help us play our roles better with visible results.

5. HIGH METABOLISM: Staying Fit makes our weightloss fast by speeding up our metabolism, when we exercise our basal metabolic rate becomes faster as it helps our body break food fast. We burn more calories and hardly accumulate lots of fat.

NOTE: Always consult your Doctor before engaging in any physical exercise and it’s majorly for folks with some health issues. Keep in mind that staying fit is achievable only if you exercise, eat healthy, have good sleep and drink lots of water.

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