Hair Loss Causes And Remedies

Hair loss

Hair Loss is One of the issues Ladies suffer from, it is also the common problems that we sought for solution. Because in our world today hair loss is a radical issues suffered mostly within the female folk. Once you walk pass 10 ladies, 6 of them are afflicted with Hair Loss syndrome. However, well I am of the belief that you definitely need to observe the root cause of Hair Loss before you can remedy it.

The norm suspects of Hair Loss is breakage which are caused by too much manipulation on our Hair mostly when it’s dry, and yes our Hair end up damaged.

Below in this POST are Five causes of Hair Loss which you might not have given thoughts to.

1. Don’t Overstretched Your Hair:- Many Ladies stretches their hair before styling and believe me it’s a recipe for Hair Loss. And sure you are using one of the harmful ways to Care for your hair.

Then we have Banding, this type of styling is another option as well, which dependes on the pressure it strains on your hair. When you make tight braiding which overstretch the hair or band your hair tightly it results to weak hair strands and your edges suffer. So always make sure you stretch on damp hair rather on wet hair. When your hair is Wet, it is  susceptible to breakage under pressure. Always stay off from the use of rubber bands or any other hair bands.

2. Don’t Style On Drenched Hair:- Our Hair is majorly fragile when it’s drenched with water. So styling our hair in it’s wet state may result to Hair Loss. If it is required that for your hair to be manipulated when wet then please hold on till your hair is semi-dry.

3. Protein Deficiency:- Our Hair largely consists of protein [keratin] which is derived from foods that contains amino acids that we consume into our body. If our diet is low in protein it can cause weak, thin hair strands, which leads to Hair Loss. Endeavour to reduce Hair Loss by adding nuts, chicken, fish,  beans into your daily feeding, massage your hair with Black Seed Oil, the benefits of this herbal oil in reducing hair loss is oustanding,  it nourishes your hair and promote quality hair growth.

4. Don’t Use Harmful Shampoo:- Some shampoos contain Laureath Sulphate which can be harsh on the hair thereby weakening the hair strands and causing Hair Loss. it’s ideal to use a non-sulfate shampoo or a natural shampoo.

5. Sun Exposure:- When your Hair is over exposed during summer period, it may lead to your hair being weak, which is a recipe for breakage in the fall/winter months. One of the ways to alleviate Hair Loss is to deep condition your hair regularly with protein based products and also trim your ends for a healthy hair growth.

Note- Part Two of this Topic will be coming up soon.


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