Have you heard of sugaring? If not, you’re about to!

Whether or not you stumbled upon this blog, you would have heard of sugaring sooner or later, as it’s popularity continues to grow around the globe. So what is it and why should you care?

What Is Sugaring

Sugaring is a form of hair removal, that is similar to waxing, but the exact opposite! Sounds confusing, right? Well, it’s actually pretty straightforward! Like waxing, sugar is a form of hair removal where a sticky substance is applied to the skin and then removed, taking the hair along with it. However, the reason waxing and sugaring are exact
opposites is the way the hair is removed.

In waxing, you are removing hair against the direction of growth. With sugaring you are removing the hair in its natural direction of growth. This leads to less breakage and a smoother, longer-lasting result! Those aren’t the only differences, either.

Sugaring is done with a simple sugar paste. This paste consists of only three ingredients. I can guarantee you’ve consumed at least two of them this week, and possibly all three!

So What Are These Ingredients?

Lemon, water and sugar

That’s all there is to it! As the trend shifts toward more natural, chemical-free ingredients, more and more women are switching over to sugaring! The technique that is used to sugar also varies slightly from waxing.

Sugaring  uses no strips or sticks. The technician simply takes a ball of sugar paste, moulds it onto the skin, and then flicks it off, removing the hair with it. It is quick, easy, and slightly less painful then waxing!

So Why Should You Try Sugaring

Like we said sugaring has many benefits
These benefits include

1. Longer Lasting Results:
The superior technique used in sugaring allows a higher percentage of hair to be removed from the root. This means you will have less regrowth for a longer period of time.

2. Sugar Is Not Hot
You will never get burned by sugar. In fact, if sugar was hot enough to burn you, it would be unusable liquid! Take it from someone who has been burned when getting a brazilian wax, this is a huge bonus for sugaring!

3. Sanitary
There is zero possible reuse of any of the products used to sugar you. This means you can be less worried about the hygienic practises of the salon, as there is insured to be no double-dipping here!

The Unstoppable Sugaring
Sugaring is expanding across the globe, a demand increases, salons keep opening up every day! Take for example, our own salon, The Lily Bar. We have been open for six less than a year and we are already the old kids on the block. In fact, we have heard of two new salons opening up just this week within our province. Even new sugar suppliers are starting up every day!

Interested In Giving Sugaring A Try?
You definitely should, just like us, once you try it once, you will be hooked! In our never ending battle to try to avoid harsh chemicals on and in our bodies, sugaring gives you one less thing to worry about!


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