So you’ve had a rhinoplasty to repair issues with your nose. but now you might need to have a rhinoplasty revision for additional improvements.

There can be multiple reasons for a rhinoplasty revision, corrections to the first rhinoplasty are needed, nasal structures that have become weakened due to inflammation or collapse, poor healing after the surgery or appearance issues can lead someone to need a revision. Revisions are common. There are different reasons for each person, so it is best to get a consultation with the plastic surgeon to discuss what needs to be done.

A rhinoplasty revision is performed by a highly trained plastic or reconstructive surgeon. A physician will examine and discuss with the client about the steps that need to be performed in order to meet their expectations. It is also at this time, a client can discuss the financial expectation as well. Most insurance companies will not cover the original rhinoplasty but may cover a revision is medically necessary. A Rhinoplasty revision may cost from $10,000.00 to 15,000.00, depending on the surgeon and facility where the procedure will be performed. Clients will also be able to determine if the accredited surgical center where the procedure is to be performed has extensive skills and equipment necessary in case of an emergency. The procedure is done in an outpatient setting. This type of procedure is a safe procedure and should be performed by a fully qualified surgeon.

A rhinoplasty revision will not be completed until 6 months after the first rhinoplasty. A patient must be completely healed before any surgical changes can or will be started. The revision will take longer than the first revision, due to the complexity of the procedure. This is usually 1-4 hours. Preparation for the surgery begins with the usual lab tests. Patients must refrain from smoking and alcohol consumption prior to the surgery. Eating and drinking must be stopped within 12 hours of the surgery. Patients should make arrangements for assistance at home after the surgery. Recovery can take up to 2 weeks and driving for at least 1 week after surgery is discouraged. Light activities can be started after 48 hours.

During the rhinoplasty revision, a splint will be placed on the nose. This will require a follow-up appointment in 1 week to remove the splint. Pain from the procedure should be expected although the intensity should not be as much as the first rhinoplasty. Oral pain medication can be prescribed. The incisions are internal, usually not requiring stitches. Swelling is to be expected for at least 5-7 days after the procedure but will reduce over time. Ice packs can be applied to decrease swelling and discomfort. Patients will be advised to keep their head elevated while resting, relaxing or sleeping for 2 weeks to minimize bruising and swelling. Although changes following the Rhinoplasty revision can be seen soon after the procedure, it will take up to 1 year to see any noticeable and final changes to the nose.

When determining who will perform this procedure, a client should find a physician, who has the experience and certification by the American Board of Surgery in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery. Dr. Andrew Frankel is well known for his expertise as a plastic surgeon. Dr. Frankel has received numerous awards for his research regarding the “vasculature to the nose and how it is affected by rhinoplasty”. He has also authored many publications regarding plastic surgery and rhinoplasty. He also continues his work in the research of numerous FDA “research trials” in plastic surgery. Dr. Frankel maintains a very busy clinic called the Lasky Clinic in Los Angeles, California. The Lasky Clinic, founded in 1980, is a highly reputable ambulatory surgical center that is accredited and offers patients the latest in medical technologies. Patients can expect “state of the art” care while at the Lasky Clinic. The Lasky Clinic can offer luxurious surroundings and provide great patient comfort while at the clinic.

When reviewing the services offered by Dr. Frankel, one can feel reassured that he is the person to handle their needs in a professional and positive way. Patients and former patients continually mention the ability of Dr. Frankel to handle their issues in a professional and caring way. He answered their questions and they were comfortable and happy with the outcome of their procedures. Communication with Dr. Frankel and his staff from start to finish left the clients with a great sense of ease. For those individuals who ask the question of how to know if revision rhinoplasty can improve problems with the nose, only has to talk to Dr. Frankel and realize that their problems with their nose can be corrected. His knowledge and expertise in the field of plastic surgery will address any concerns and leave you knowing that you’ve made the right decision. If you’re looking for a revision rhinoplasty specialist in Beverly Hills, you may contact Dr. Andrew Frankel.

Guest Post By Farlyn Lucas

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