Flatbeer Rinse For Hair Growth

For folks with scanty and stunt hair growth, which is basically genetic or caused by chemicals leading to serious damaged hair.

There might be no permanent solution to reversing it, but as humans we could try one or two things to help ourselves, so I bring to you the Flatbeer Rinse treatment for natural hair growth.

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Do you know that the protein visible in the hops and malt found in beer coat repair and rebuild damaged hair, rinsing your hair with beer adds shine and volume to your hair.

Flatbeer Rinse gives extra life to your natural curly hair, it can also be used for rinsing permed hair, before new perm.

The use of beers like Guinness Stout, Star, Heineken Budweiser, etc not only helps thicken or add volume to your natural hair.


It also helps repair damaged hair, prevent split-ends and hair breakage, strengthen your hair cuticle, add shine and, improve hair growth.

All this is because of the brewer’s yeast present in these beers.

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Below Are Tips On How To Use Flatbeer Rinse For Your Hair Growth


  • Pour beer into a cup or bowl.
  • Leave it open for some hours to degas (it could be left open overnight or for 5 hours and more). The beer needs to be flat before use.
  • After washing, deep conditioning and rinsing your hair, pour the flat beer onto the hair. Ensure that the flat beer gets to every strand of your hair.
  • Massage your scalp and allow to sit for 5-10 minutes.
  • Rinse hair with cool, clean water.

Note: You can do this every two weeks.

Happy hair grooming!

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