Detoxifying your system with this water helps to eradicate stomach bloating, indigestion and curbs unnecessary cravings. Continue usage of this water gives you flat stomach and a healthy digestive organ.

The things needed for the detox water consist of cucumber, lemon, ginger, mint leaves and here are their benefits.


Ginger enables the flushing out of noxious substance inside our intestine, liver, and also offset acids, which helps the total absorption mechanism. It contains anti-inflammatory properties and it’s a powerful antioxidant. It’s a good source intestine stimulant causing the reduction of stomach fat.


Lemon helps in cleaning out our digestive organ, this is possible because of the ascorbic acid found in lemons. It breaks food down quickly, promoting absorption of certain proteins. Lemon is a great source stimulating our metabolism, preventing the accumulation of fats in our digestive organ.

cucumber 3: CUCUMBER

Cucumber wipes out toxins from our system, it also keeps us hydrated and aids in reducing cholesterol with the help of sterols compound found in cucumbers. It is also an anti-inflammatory  fruit.

mint4: MINT

Mint speeds up our digestion and is a great cure for stomach cramps and promotes weight loss. Mint leaves promote bowel movement too.


A: 1 Medium sliced cucumber

B: 1 Medium lemon cut in small wedges

C: 2 Liters of clean water

D: 1 chunk peeled Ginger grated or thinly sliced

E: 15-20 small Mint leaves

F: Air tight container


Fill in your bowl or jug or container with fresh clean water, not to full brim.

Pour in your sliced lemon, cucumber, ginger and mint.

Mix the mixture to incorporate well, cover and put inside your refrigerator.


Consume first thing in the morning, during lunch and dinner for a full day.

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