Let’s Talk about Hair. Some of us spend a year and a half in a lifetime just washing, brushing styling and fiddling with their hair.

Hair transplant begins to take root in public consciousness. This article tells you how it works and what are the factors affecting the Hair transplant cost. Our entire body can grow hair with exceptions about lips, palms of our hands, and soles of our feet.

Might hair different all over the body, but the way it grows it pretty much the same. Just on the skins all bundles together like nerve, blood vessels, sweat glands, and our hair follicles. While individually, hair gradually increases in length as more added to the base over time. As the power of the natural cycles, hairs stop growing and fall out of the follicles to replaced with a new one. So the follicles considerably grow new hair. The problem starts when, for some or another reason, the hair stops coming. and this can be caused by several things like major trauma with the skin.

And without follicles, you can’t grow hairs, and in another, the follicles stop. Both men and women can suffer this type of hair loss, alopecia. Its seen in men mostly. When the follicles around the hairline with top of the head and right back to the crown gradually stop producing hair. If the hairline diminish, and your hair is gone, then this is called male pattern hair loss.

In these cases, hair transplant is the solution by transplanting not just the hair but also healthy follicles into the scalp.


Cost of Hair Transplant Treatment.

Hair Transplant


Whenever you want to decide for hair transplant than most important point comes in mind that the cost of the hair transplant. Is it economical or expensive? Many people have the assumption that the procedure of hair transplant is costly, and it is only for the upper class. However, that’s not true maybe the price range is high, and it is not super expensive. It is affordable to get a hair transplant in good centers under the observation of the dermatologist, who strictly follows world-class rules for hair transplantation.


It is not possible to know the exact cost of hair transplant online because factors are affecting the price of the Hair transplant. Graft Calculator cannot provide you the right calculation because you don’t know the number of grafts also. So, you must have to visit the dermatologist in your city. Here I explain some factors which affect the cost of the Hair transplant.

Procedure Follow for Hair Transplant

As we all know that there are two types of techniques used in the Hair transplant. These techniques are known as FUT(Follicular unit transplant) and FUE(Follicular unit extraction). FUT is an orderly procedure, and it involves less technician to operate. So the clinic has to pay fewer people, and it’s faster to take less time, so it is cheaper than FUE. In FUE a unit of hair follicular extract from the grafts after shaving. A graft is containing 3 to 4 hair and transplant it into the hairless area. So its need more technician and expectation. On the other side in FUT there is a strip of hair taken from the backside of the donor site. And extract grafts from them and transplant it in the recipient area.

However, there is a visible scar left on the stitches from where the strip cut.

Baldness Area on Scalp For Hair Transplant



As we discussed, dermatologist extracts hair follicles from the donor area and restore these follicles in the recipient area. So it is clear that we need more hair and more time for large baldness area. Now the cost is different in two different processes.


Number Of Grafts

In India per graft cost on average, including both techniques is nearby ₹40-₹80. So if the number of the graft is more than it affects the price of hair transplant. And it is an average, not the exact cost. Some times grafts are also damaged, so it also includes in the price. If the damaged hair grafts are more, it becomes costlier.

On the conclusion that if the area of baldness on the scalp is larger than the large number of hair move and it is more time consuming.it takes more work and cost of hair transplantation increases

Dermatologists Experience and His team Skills


If a person is doing the same work from long time than he is now an expert in that work, this is the general. And that person can do that work correctly, and his charges are more than fresher.

The same rule applied in the case of hair transplant, any surgeon who has experience of around 1000 procedure of hair transplant is much better than the surgeon who is new to this field. And he charges more than others. Same with the team, if the unit is more skill and more experience their salary at the high and it affects your hair transplant cost too. Because a technician with more experience has fewer chances to make errors and he provides a better assistant.

So, if you want your hair transplant done under the supervision of the most experienced surgeon, then it might be costlier than others.

The Facility at Hair transplant clinic


The cost of the hair restoration process also depends on the facilities provided by the clinic. Clinics that are providing the facility for patient comfort than to maintain all these facilities, they need to spend more on these facilities. So to get excellent facilities you also need to pay more.

It also depends on the machines and electronics item used in the surgery — quality of the equipment and cost of the machines. So the facility also included professionalism, machinery, and other comforts. So the price of these types of the clinic is higher because they provide support and take care of you. They need nurse, technician, other workers and they need to pay a salary to them so might be there cost is slightly higher.

Depends on the location of the clinic, if the place is located at the city center it is easy to reach.

Travelling Cost:

You have to travel from a different city than you need to spend money on your travelling and stay. The cost of travelling and accommodation also include in your hair transplant budget. Because the only purpose for your traveling is treatment.

Cost After Hair Transplant:


At most of the clinic, they tell you about the hair transplant procedure cost not about medicine after procedure. You need to take painkillers and antibiotics after the surgery for pain and infections. For swelling, you need to take anti-inflammatory medication also.

In case of complications like an infection, you need different treatment and medication, and the cost of the visit charge and medication also included in this, but it is just an exceptional case.


On this basis, we can calculate the entire budget of the hair transplant. It helps you in deciding on the Hair transplant.

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