Orange oil is rich in Vitamin C, making it an oil that is easily absorbs into the hair strand.

Massaging this oil on your scalp enhances blood circulation because it dilates the blood capillaries, therefore nourishes the follicles and encourages hair growth. Another amazing benefit of this oil is the cure of itchy scalp and dandruff.

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How To Make Diy Orange Oil

▪Ripe orange peel
▪Olive oil or sunflower oil

▪Dry your orange peel, the orange peel could take about 2 days or more to dry completely, its best when you dry your orange peel away from direct sunlight in other words, don’t dry your ripe orange peel directly under the sun.

▪Grind or blend your dried orange peel, you can also use a morter and pestle to grind it.

▪Measure out one tablespoon of your blended orange peel into a cup or bowl

▪Add 8 tablespoons of your oil to the blended orange peel

▪Stir properly, cover and allow to sit for 24hrs, during this 24hrs its advised u stir ur mix from time to time).

▪After 24hrs, place your cup of orange peel mix into a pot of boiling water still on heat and allow to sit for 15 – 20mins. Don’t cover the pot and ensure your boiling water doesn’t get into your cup of oil.

▪Thereafter, take your cup of orange peel mix out of the boiling water, allow to cool and then you sieve using a net sieve, cheesecloth or clean white cloth paper.

▪Transfer the oil to a clean air tight container and use when necessary.

Note: Because of the presence of the carrier oil used in the making of the orange oil, its considered safe to use alone without causing u irritation but if however you’ve got a very sensitive scalp, u may need to still dilute it with a carrier oil b4 use

Secondly, the colour ur orange oil may turn out different from mine depending on the colour or ur orange peel

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