Each time I want to give out gifts or cards, I’d always love to have a beautiful topper on it. I’ve always disliked most traditional toppers like the plastic Pom Poms because they are so big and often look out of place on most gifts. It seems designers of these Pom Poms often forget that they are toppers (and should be small and cute), so I’ve had to make do with tissue Pom Poms which I often make for myself as a do-it-yourselfer but I had to abandon those too when I discovered something even more beautiful for my gifts – tiny bows.

I still make use of tissue Pom Poms but that’s on very rare occasions. I now make use of tiny bows on most gifts. Tiny bows are super cute and they fit perfectly as toppers for almost any gift wrap or cards. It seems tiny bow is what I’ve been wanting all along. They are so tiny and add that girly feel to every gifts and card that I just can’t do without them and I think every do-it-yourselfer out there should try them out at least once, maybe even right away!

There’s just something about bows that fascinates us, that makes us all want them on our clothes, hair and even on our decors. I think we’ll all just agree that bows are not only beautiful for designs, they are super awesome. If you’re like me always looking for ways to decorate your gifts and make them as attractive as possible, then you should try these tiny bows, they are cute and super easy to make!

You can even try this simple projects with your children or school kids especially if you are teaching children between the age of 6-10. Tiny bows are quite easy to make and the kids will love you for this if you can pull this off and teach them how to make these beautiful bows.

Below you’ll find a step-by-step guide on how to make beautiful tiny bows, however a few tips before you go down there and get your fingers busy.

1. Chiffons are the best materials to make tiny beautiful bows. You can easily find them in almost any small-wares.

2. Always shape your bow while it’s still on the fork as it is easier then than after you have removed it – always strike while the iron is hot!

Things You’ll Need:
Chiffon ribbons
Satin ribbons


Step 1
Take a fork with the prongs facing upward. Make sure the fork is also facing forward.

Step 2
Weave the ribbon alternately between the prongs of the fork.

Step 3
Repeat the alternate weave four times around the prong.

Step 4
Thread another ribbon under the braided ribbon and between the middle prong of the fork. Hold the braided ribbon to the fork to keep it in place.

Step 5
Now tie the second ribbon loosely and direct the ends of both ribbons inward.

Step 6
You should have a tiny bow on the fork right now. Take it off by pulling it gently over the top.

Step 7
Cut the ends of both ribbons diagonally

Step 8
Trim the edges by burning it on the candle and you should have a beautiful tiny bow!

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