Depression is a delicate state of mind that takes caution to deal with it. This issue needs to be addressed by individuals, Government Bodies, Churches, Mosques, Society, etc. The Global economy is bad and women are the worse hit.

So many women are going through a lot, majority have only succeeded in covering it up with mascara, designer powder and foundation, just to keep up with the Jones.

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What Are The Real Symptoms?

▪Depressed and Mood Swing

▪Looses interest and pleasure engaging in activities you usually enjoy and participate

▪Fatigue and lack of energy

▪Guilt feelings, worthless and hopeless

▪Loss of appetite and changes in body weight

▪Sleep mood change, it’s either you’re sleeping more or sleeping less

▪Having Difficulty concentrating

▪Having Suicidal thoughts or recurrence thoughts of death

Remember if you keep bottling life problems up, it will quietly degenerates into depression and then Suicidal thoughts.  Note that depression is a monster and it kills silently. You may not tell if a depressed person is about to take their life in the next 2 mins. It’s not written in the face all the time.

Below are some cases That Women Get Depressed

▪A woman has spent the best part of her life with a man who promised to marry her sometimes up to 10-years and all of a sudden, the man sees a pretty under 20 Lady and engages her even while still living with his lover of 15 years.

▪A married woman loses her husband of 5, 10, 15 years to their House-keeper or Nanny, The man sends his wife away empty [mostly in African Countries] and worst case, goes further to take the kids away from her, deprives her the right of visitation.

▪A Lady been intimidated at work, yeah mainly seen in the Oil and gas Sector. She is viewed as a competitor, with the likes of “its not her place of work, she does not fit in, she’s disrespectful to the alpha male, she suppose to be at her husbands house, she is not married, she is challenging the male folks,  she is not suppose to be a superior, she does not fit in the engineering office”, Well it’s endless.

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These cases are numerous, if you are currently in a similar mess. Can we talk it over? Are you ready to share and unburden your heart? Remember life is too short to keep living in sadness and hate.

Suicide is no longer news, it’s happening by the day. Let’s open up and share, you can use the comment section to share your story and how you overcame it

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  1. HI Julia,
    Depression is a real problem in our country that affects many people and some of them don't even realize that they are depression. THis is a good article with the symptoms and signs of depression. Thank you for sharing and I have shared on social media.

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