Dealing With The Use Of Hard Water On Natural Hair

Many naturalistas living in areas with hard water seem to have experienced alot of using hard water in the course of their hair care routines.

The very high presence of minerals in hard water causes a lot of problems on our hair with or without your awareness.

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Ordinarily, our natural hair is dry, then you can imagine adding hard water to your hair. Its important to note that the high presence of minerals in this hard water are way not too healthy for our hair.

Because it leads to build ups clogging

  • The hair follicles
  • Hair tangling
  • Excess dry hair and scalp
  • Dull hair
  • Hard hair
  • Dandruff and itchy scalp
  • Hair breakage and thinning of hair

To this regards, softening your hard water is best adviced.

Dealing With The Use Of Hard Water On Natural Hair

How To Identify Hard Water

  1. Hard water prevents soaps from suds and lather
  2. Hard water stains glass and tiles
  3. Hard water leaves residues on our bath tubs and sinks.


How To Soften Hard Water

To soften hard water before use goes a long way to save our hair from so much. There are lots of methods to soften hard water but one simple method is by boiling.

After boiling hard water for a few minutes, allow to cool. In some cases you’ll notice some lime-like or shinny rusty-like particles on the surface of the water. Scoop off the top layers to eliminate those particles and u will be left with soft fresh water.

This will however increase the effectiveness of your hair care routine/regimen leaving you with a healthier natural hair.

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