Dry hair is a problem for all naturals for many reasons.

Stemming from the environment, manipulation and over exposed ends to just the basic shape of the hair strand.

The curlier your hair the harder it is for moisture to travel down the strand, and to add one more complication our strands tend to tangle a lot.

Here is a 3 pack As I am Coconut Co-wash Conditioner from Amazon, very good and effective for adding moisture and a soft glowing hair.

So How Can We Cure Dry Hair Forever?
It is easier to just have a set plan of action regardless of your hair type or porosity so that you know what to do when your hair is dry.

Below Are 3 Sure Fire Ways You Can Eliminate Dry Hair Problems Forever

  1. Co-wash When You Need Moisture
    It’s one thing to get your spray bottle and add moisture with a few little sprays on your hair. But if you have hair that is prone to dryness, get in the shower and drench your hair with water and conditioner, and leave some of the conditioner in your hair.
    I am not a fan of washing every single bit of conditioner product out of my hair after my co-wash especially if I am using a conditioner that can double as a leave-in. After you co-wash, use your carrier oil to coat ur strands then seal with ur favorite cream like sheabutter which is the basis of the LOC method.
  2. Deep Condition Weekly
    Do not even begin to ask the question about how to deal with your dry hair if you are not a fan of old school deep conditioning. Get an old clean plastic bag if you do not have a deep conditioning cap, drench your hair with your deep conditioner and cover your head with it.
    Sit under your dryer for about 20 minutes, the heat will open up your cuticles and allow your moisture products into the hair shaft or you wrap in a thick towel without heat for about 45 minutes. This is great for women with low porosity hair who find it hard to get moisture into their hair.
  3. Overnight Deep Conditioning This is another great way to deep condition your hair especially if your hair is really dry. Get a deep conditioning cap or plastic bag cover your saturated, conditioned hair and cover with your silk scarf in preparation for bed. The heat from the plastic cap and your scarf will allow the conditioner to really get into your strands and eliminate dryness all together.

The most important thing to remember when you are battling dryness is that you should always use water based products (water is the first ingredient on the ingredient list) and to not be afraid to go hard with your method.

Moisturizing on dry hair with a spray bottle can work in some cases, but for some of us we need to just start fresh and a good old co-wash is what it will take.

Have you had dry hair lately?

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