Eye Care: Myopia Control In Children

Eye Care: Myopia Control In Children Myopia which is found to be very common these days. It is the cause of impaired vision mainly in Children. Effectiveness of Orthokeratology In myopia control, orthokeratology has a significant effect in both partial and full correction of myopia. It can slow myopic progression […]

Using Pregnancy Cushions

Why you should Start Using Pregnancy Cushions from the First Trimester itself? Pregnancy is the most challenging period in a woman’s life, the ordeal is well compensated nonetheless when you hold your bundle of joy for the first time against your bosom. There is no greater joy in this world […]

Watermelon For Prostatitis

Watermelon For prostatitis, prostatitis is also known as prostate inflammation. Watermelon is botanically called Citrullus Vulgaris but popularly known as watermelon. It is one of the best remedy for prostatitis and several other diseases like urinary tract infections, weak immune system, hypertension. What Is Prostatitis Prostatitis is the swelling of the […]