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Agrimony herb

Amazing Benefits Of Agrimony Herb

AGRIMONY HERB: It’s botanical name is Agrimonia eupatoria. It grows in sunny dry places, on hedgebanks, on the side of fields, woods and paths, on wastelands and near ruins. The history of this herb, as with many others, goes back a long way and it was known to the Ancient Egyptians. Agrimony has great healing […]

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Unusual Uses of Plants and Flowers

Ancient people, especially American Indians, used plants for medicinal and other purposes. ■SunflowersAmerican Indians dried and powdered the seeds for use in different food items like bread, soups and puddings. They also used the oil for cooking, and making soaps and paints. ■Jack-ink-the-pulpit or Indian turnip was also used by the Indians. They would make […]

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Speech Therapy For Infants and Toddlers

Infant speech therapy is a form of speech therapy in which infants learn to feed properly and communicate easily. In this therapy, an infant develops their language and developmental skills. A certified speech-language diagnostician (SLP) facilitates infants to learn to feed and learn communication skills in a very variety of how. additionally, nutritionists, nurses,lactation consultants, […]

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