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Leave-in Conditioner Recipes

Leave-in conditioners plays an important role in our hair care regimen, as no regimen is complete without it. Our hair is never immune to damage, frizz, breakage, dryness, tangling and stiffening and dull cloudy hair. To this regards, the place of leave-in conditioner cannot be overlooked. Leave-in conditioners restores and holds up life for the […]

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Dealing With Dry Hair

Dry hair is a problem for all naturals for many reasons. Stemming from the environment, manipulation and over exposed ends to just the basic shape of the hair strand. The curlier your hair the harder it is for moisture to travel down the strand, and to add one more complication our strands tend to tangle […]

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Coffee For Hair Growth

Hey Naturalisters, hope we are doing good and grooming our hair properly. So today sharing with you all how to grow your hair with coffee. Do you by any means know that, that your favorite breakfast drink can help grow your stunted hair? This discovery was gotten after some researchers went to work. Their findings […]

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