Hair loss especially at the front(hairline) can happen to anyone. It’s not a good sign when trying to grow healthy and long natural hair.

The causes of hair loss varies from reckless handling of the hair, genetics to stress. Everybody loses around 100 hairs for each day, yet on the off chance that you are losing significantly more than that, or losing hair in patches, you should see your specialist.

If you are told that your hair loss is natural, there are many natural plants and oils that helps to fight it.
One of the remote home remedies for hair loss is stinging nettles.

Benefits of Nettle On Your Hair
Stinging Nettle is so rich packed in Vitamin A, C, D and K, it is additionally rich in Vitamin B.
It is has a decent wellspring of iron, calcium, magnesium, sodium, phosphorous, silicon, potassium, sodium, silica and sulfur. It has high amount of proteins, iodine and amino acids.
It has fat count, low calorie and also has a decent wellspring of chlorophyll and tannin.

Stinging nettle is not so common but you can find it within your neighborhood. I don’t know the local or traditional name for it, but looking at the picture closely you may find out that it grows as weed in your backyard.

How To Use Stinging Nettle

First Method
Get the leaves, wash, dry and pound
Add a cup of sunflower/Olive/Coconut oil
Mix them together, cover and leave overnight and extract the oil the following day
At night before you sleep, rub-in the oil and massage your scalp.
Wear a sleeping turban to allow the oil work overnight.
Rinse with water or Shampoo as normal in the morning.
You can do this 1/2 times per week.

Second Method
Nettle leaves are super rich in sulfur and silica, this helps in making hair shinier and healthier. Rinsing your hair using extracts from nettle mixed with water enhances regrowth, and restores hair colour.
Blend Nettle leaves
Add water
Extract the juice and use in massaging your hair
Cover for 30mins and rinse with water.

For Dandruff
For those suffering from dandruff, massaging your scalp with coconut or mustard oil infused with dried nettle leaves and leaving it overnight is a very effective treatment for dandruff. Juice extracted by crushing fresh nettle leaves is also massaged on the scalp to treat dandruff.

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