If you desire a super soft hair, may be your hair dry out on time and you are concerned. Will assure you that there are tips to achieve a soft textured luscious hair, but you will need to adopt a hair ritual. What I mean is that you need to adopt a regimen and steadfastly carry it out, to actually get results.

Let’s look at the causes of Hair Dryness
▪ Dry scalp
▪ Dehydration
▪ Over heating
▪ Over Styling
▪ Too much shampooing
▪ Lack of moisture
▪ Hair dye chemicals
▪ Unprotective Hair
▪ Hormonal imbalance
▪ Lack of protein treatment
▪ Lack of deep conditioning

These are few bad habits that can cause dry hair, now we are going to look at the solutions of achieving a soft hair.

• Applying spritz to your hair
• Shampoo your hair once in 2 weeks
• Always apply leave-in conditioner
Stay hydrated, drink lots of water daily
• Stretch your hair with thread while midi wet
• Do protein treatment once a month
• Deep condition once a week or once in 2weeks
• Always wear protective hair style
• Do hot oil treatment once in 3 months
• Sleep with satin scarf or pillow
▪ Use water base products

Natural soft hair can be achieved, only if you treat your hair right and pamper it.

Moisturizing is what Kinky natural hair needs, it helps to retain elascity, if your hair is lacking moisture, the total effect is hair dryness which causes Breakage .
Always moisturize and seal your hair with any carrier Oil of your preference in order to prevent breakage and gain length.
Cultivate a daily habit of moisturizing your hair.

Your hair needs trimming, when you observe split ends and breakage on your hair, then you need to trim.

Try as much as possible to keep your styling low, do not over manipulate your hair in trying to achieve a hair style. In the same account reduce heat styling, it leads to great damage to your kinky hair. Stressing or putting much pressure on your hair is bad, and could lead to ALOPECIA.

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  1. See, this is super helpful. I've been growing out my natural hair for over 8 months now and maintaining it has been pretty tricky. These tips are so helpful and much needed. Thanks

  2. Thanks for stopping over, natural hair is great and once you understand your hair, maintenence will be easy. Moisture is top priority to natural hair.

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