Fruits and veggies plays an important role to our overall well-being as no diet is balanced without it.

God had a keen sense of understanding the extent and maximum benefits fruits and veggies will serve us and so he made them in great abundance ranging from different colors, shapes and sizes each of them with its own unique nutrients, replenishing and nourishing our body systems.

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Research holds that enough fruits and vegetables should be consumed on a scale of 4-5 different kinds of vegetables + 2 different kinds of fruits per day for maximum health benefits.

The Beauty Of Fruits & Veggies

  1. Fruits and vegetables are best eaten raw or pureed into smoothies.
  2. Instead of cooking your vegetables that requires heat, steaming, baking or grilling is best advised and this has to be done with caution else some nurients and photochemical can be damaged but with exemption to some veggies that contains carotenoids nutrients which may be increased if cooked and a good example of such is tomatoes.
  3. Aim for a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables in order to get the most nutrients and appeal.
  4. Always add fruits and vegetables to your recipes
  5. Use the diverse colors and textures of vegetables/fruits to make your meals interesting and attractive.
  6. Try a rainbow of colorful fruits and vegetables everyday to get the full range of maximum health benefits.
  7. Think of new and interesting ways to serve ur fruits and vegetables.
  8. Take advantage of the fruits in seasons
  9. Fruits and vegetables can be handy snack food easily carried to work and to school.

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Adequate Consumption Of Fruits & Veggies Benefits

  1. Keeps your skin glowing, smooth, fresh and healthy. You won’t even worry about pimples/acnes
  2. Encourages a healthy hair growth
  3. Reduces obesity and maintains a healthy weight
  4. Prevents cancer and heart disease
  5. Deals with high blood pressure and diabetes
  6. Improves our vision
  7. Boost fertility
  8. Keeps our bowl movement in proper order
  9. Keeps u healthy that you won’t need to be a hospital customer
  10. Keeps u energized at all times

The amazing benefits of fruits and veggies consumptions is nothing to be compared with. Take advantage of it.

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