AGRIMONY HERB: It’s botanical name is Agrimonia eupatoria.

It grows in sunny dry places, on hedgebanks, on the side of fields, woods and paths, on wastelands and near ruins.

The history of this herb, as with many others, goes back a long way and it was known to the Ancient Egyptians.

Agrimony has great healing properties for Inflamation of the Throat and Mouth.

Examples Are
▪ Tonsillitis
▪ Throat Disorders
▪ Thrush
▪ Membrane of the mouth mucous Inflammation

Gargling with the herb tea clears the voice for singers and public speakers.

The Leaves Are Excellent For
▪ Anaemia
▪ Wounds
▪ Rheumatism
▪ Lumbago
▪ Digestive Troubles
▪ Liver Hardening
▪ Spleen Disorders

Everyone should make an effort to have Agrimony herb bath once or twice a year, children with Scrofulous Sores should have one bath daily with Agrimony  herb. Use 200mg of the leaves for a bath.

Because of the astringent and healing qualities of Agrimony herb, it is one of natures most valued herbs.

Agrimony ointment, which is used in a similar way to Callendula ointment, is of benefit in Varicose Veins and Sore on the lower legs.

How To Make Agrimony Ointment
▪ 1 heaped handful of finely chopped agrimony leaves, flowers and stem
▪ Lard

▪ Mix the leaves and the lard together
▪ Keep it for 2 days for proper infusion
▪ Then apply

How To Make Agrimony Infusion
▪ 1 teaspon of Agrimony leaves
▪ 1 cup of hot boiling water

▪ Put the agrimony leaves in a tea cup
▪ Pour the hot boiling water into the tea cup and allow to steep for 6 mins
▪ Drink this tea 3 times a day for better results.

Benefits of Agrimony Tea Infusion

A cup of Agrimony tea drank three times a day over a period of time is a remedy for

▪ Heart enlargement
▪ It helps to relieve liver disorders
▪ It detoxify the body from unwanted toxins
▪ It relieves inflammations
▪ It relieves stomach and lungs disorders
▪ It aids easy digestion
▪ Relieves kidney and bladder disorders
▪ It has antioxidant properties

Note: Pregnant and nursing mothers are advised not to take agrimony herb tea. It can trigger complications. If you have constipation or skin irritation, please do not drink this tea, it can have adverse effect on your body or cause some allergy.


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