Perfect booty is one of the trending body package all over the world, yes! Perfect butt makes you look attractive and your clothes fits perfectly on your body.

We all know the attractions that comes with being endowed with nice looking butt, you get noticed in social gathering.

Many female folks pay hugely for surgery to acquire a big Booty, but we are going to look at how to achieve nice butt without spending a dime. All it requires is hard work and persistence.

Below are some tested types of workouts to help in achieving your desired goal.


Squat is the first exercise to kick start your booty journey.

It helps in toning your waist line, Your inner muscle and butt muscle.

Squats helps to make your muscle flexible and formed, it also help your hips and laps get toned and formed.

Squats Tips

▪ Level 1- Duration: 30secs repeat twice

▪ Level 2- Duration: 1.30 mins repeat twice

▪ Level 3- Duration: 3mins repeat twice


Jumping Jack helps to tone your hips, laps, waistline and arms. It gets your butt muscle and tissues formed and toned.

It’s also tones your shoulder muscle and make it flexible.

Jumping Jack Tips

▪ Level 1- Duration: 1 mins repeat twice

▪ Level 2- Duration: 2mins, 30secs repeat twice

▪ Level 3- Duration: 3mins, 40secs repeat twice


This type of exercise is mainly for your thigh, knee and legs. It tones them and give you a perfect toned legs. It gives your bones and muscles strength

It is good for stamina, it increases balancing, and helps you focus.

It is good for achieving killer Abs, it strengthen your calf muscle. Lowers your heart beat rate, it is versatile to accomplish.

Wall Sit Tips

▪ Level 1- Duration: 1min

▪ Level 2- Duration: 2mins

▪ Level 3- Duration: 2:30mins


This workout tones and formed the hips, tights nd waist. You achieve a nice butt. It tones the lower body.

It strengthens your butt and legs, it gives you a round formed booty.

It improves your core strenght, make your hips flexible Helps your glute activate. It’s is good for balancing and stamina.

Forward Lunge Tips

▪ Level 1- Duration: 30secs repeat twice

▪ Level 2- Duration: 1:30mins repeat twice

▪ Level 3- Duration: 3mins repeat twice

Remember that consistency is key, apart from achieving a toned big booty,  there are other benefits to gain from these forms of exercise.

Take your Healthy Lifestyle serious and enjoy quality long life.

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Happy Bigger Booty Hunting?????

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