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Henna Uses For Hair

Henna Uses For Hair

Most people know about henna, while some don’t. Likewise, people don’t know that henna uses for hair is beneficial. Henna is a plant widely used as a dye. Its botanical name is known as Lawsonia Inermis .

Henna is widely known for its use in artistic body painting during special occasions in some cultures. Henna is beneficial to our hair too. So we will be looking at henna uses for hair.


  •  Antifungal and antimicrobial
  •  Reduces dandruff
  •  Strengthens hair
  •  Adds volume
  •  Repairs damaged hair
  •  Dye

As you can see, its benefits are a lot, and if used constantly and in the long term, you will see the results. There is one significant consideration to make, henna dry hair a lot. Therefore it must be used as a strengthening mask which means you must follow up with deep moisture conditioning. However, to avoid having to do 2 masks on a wash day, you can do a henna gloss.


  1. Add henna to a bowl of water until you get a creamy paste, let it sit for some hours ( even 12 hours) then use it. Hot water can be used to activate the henna within 30 minutes and use it immediately.
  2. If you want to activate the color in henna, you can mix it with green tea or black tea instead of just plain water. Be careful because henna will dye your hair orange, not black. If you want your hair color to be black, you have to do a henna mask followed by an indigo ( black henna) mask.

Henna Hair Gloss:

Henna hair gloss means you mix henna with your conditioner or deep conditioner to reduce or eradicate its drying effect on the hair. This method will also allow you to use henna more frequently and see its benefits quicker.

Conclusion: Natural products do not work with magic consistency, and long-term use is the primary key to achieving results.


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