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Natural Remedies For Sagged Breast

Natural Remedies For Sagged Breast

Every woman and man would love and appreciate a firm breast. It is important to note that breasts do not have muscle tissue on their own but are composed of fat, milk-producing glands, and connective tissue. However, the breast is positioned on top of the chest wall’s musculature. The Pectoralis Major is one of the muscles involved. Moving on, we will be exploring natural remedies for sagged breast .

Every woman loves to have shaped breasts and wants them to remain that way throughout their lives, but not everybody is willing to pay the price or make the sacrifice.

I need to add also that we need to teach our men how to handle our breasts; they need to know the correct way to caress and massage them. You can tell them to rub olive oil or any lotion on their palm before foreplay. It helps, and it’s sexier when they handle and fondle it with care.

 Here Are 2 Natural Remedies for Sagged Breast

ICe Massage

Ice helps to tone the skin in and around the breast region. You only need to rub a few ice cubes over your breast in a circular motion.

Alternatively, you can also wrap some crushed ice in a soft cloth and use it to massage your breast. Massage for no more than one minute as too much exposure to ice can cause numbness.

It should be done at regular intervals all through the day to firm the pectoralis major breast muscles and wear a tight bra afterward. You will see results if you are consistent in a few weeks.

Olive Oil Massage

Massage your breasts 3 times a week to tighten sagging breasts. You can perform a self-massage using olive oil or any massage lotion. Massaging helps strengthen the pectoral muscles and firm up the skin by improving its elasticity. Always massage in a gentle circular motion upwards and towards the head.

Here are the steps: 

  • Hold your breasts like you do when trying to create a cleavage.
  • Now rotate the breasts in circular rotations inward and outward.
  • Do 300 rotations in this manner, at least 2 times a day, and wear a tight bra afterward to firm the muscles of the breasts.

Hopefully, you find this post helpful.

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