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Answering Your Questions About Top Hair Transplant Procedures In Turkey

Answering Your Questions About Top Hair Transplant Procedures In Turkey

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Having a hair transplant is one of the best solutions to restoring your hair, and Turkey offers the best (and most affordable) hair transplant on the planet.
When you visit Istanbul, the sight of men with bandages on top of their heads is going to welcome you.
If you are currently considering hair transplantation in Turkey, we bet you have a lot of questions in mind. Let us help you answer some of those questions below.

■Is There Any Age Limit?

A hair transplant can be performed on people aged 21 to 80. However, most surgeons prefer to operate on patients over 25, especially on 30-year-olds. Before the age of 25, it is hard to know how your hair will continue to recede and accurately identify the eventual pattern of hair loss.

■Is Hair Transplant Only For Men?

Most hair transplantations are marketed to men because men are more prone to hair loss. However, women are affected by hair loss too. So the answer is no, hair transplantation is not only for men. Women can also undergo the procedure. FUE hair transplant is widely used for women with male pattern hair loss.

■How Long Should I Stay In Turkey?

A hair transplant is generally performed as an outpatient procedure, meaning you can leave the hospital after the surgery is complete. The procedure itself takes around four to eight hours to finish.
However, you may need to stay in Turkey for around three to seven days because you will have to go back to the clinic to remove the bandages. The doctor will examine the transplantation site to ensure there are no complications and allow yourself to heal.

■Is The Result Natural, And Is It Permanent?

Yes, if experienced surgeons with the right skills carry it out. Hair transplantation, especially the FUE technique, can have natural results. There are virtually no visible scars after an FUE hair transplant, so nobody can notice that you have had a hair transplant procedure.

■Which Medical Center Should I Choose?

There are probably hundreds of medical centers in Turkey that offer hair transplant procedures, so finding the right clinic that offers safe procedures and natural results can be pretty overwhelming. You will have to find out about the medical center reputation, credentials, and reviews.
Among the highest-rated medical centers in Turkey for hair transplants is Transmed Clinic. The clinic has existed since 1994, and it has 25 years of experience in hair transplants.

Have you got more questions? Or do you want to book your hair transplant in Turkey without any difficulty? Head over to MyMediTravel now because the team will answer any questions you may have and guide you through your journey of restoring your entire head of hair.

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