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Natural Hair Elasticity

Natural Hair Elasticity

Hair Elasticity is significant to know when you have natural hair.

What Is Hair Elasticity? Hair elasticity is an indicator of healthy natural hair. If your hair is healthy, it will have high elasticity, which is shown by how it bounces back to its original form when pulled on. If your hair has lost elasticity, it will look limp and break easily. Also, when pulled, it will stay in that stretched position.

What Can Affect Hair Elasticity?

  • Use of chemicals that permanently straightens hair.
  • Constant use of heat, primarily when not used with a heat protectant.
  • Over-stretching of hair even when wearing ponytails.
  • Loss of protein in hair; if routine protein treatments are not done.
  • Not maintaining proper moisture in the hair.

How Can You Maintain Or Restore Your Hair Elasticity?

Incorporate routine protein treatments. Make sure you use natural protein treatments that penetrate your hair shaft. When buying products for a protein treatment, hydrolyzed protein is a great ingredient that should be present. Even if you have low porosity, you can still use protein. Just minimize the frequency at which you use it.

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