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6 Amazing Coconut Oil Usage

6 Amazing Coconut Oil Usage

Coconut Oil is derived from coconut meat. The process is by grating coconut meat, grinding which is optional. There are 2 ways to process it: boiling and storing the sieved coconut water milk in a refrigerator until it solidifies.

Scoop the solid part and heat on medium heat, and voila, you have your coconut oil. This oil has many uses that are beneficial to our wellbeing and as a beauty product. It is a carrier base oil.

6 Amazing Usage Of Coconut Oil

1. Body Cream

You can use coconut oil to make your body cream, all you need is to whip up body butter by mixing coconut oil and some other essential or carrier oils, and you will get an excellent fragrance body butter that your skin will love.

2. As A Moisturizer

Use coconut oil to moisturize your skin. By doing so, you will benefit from the beautiful natural protection from the sun. Coconut oil acts as a sunscreen. Coconut oil has a lovely fragrance, and it soothes sunburn on the skin.

3. For Cooking

Use coconut oil for cooking your meals. This is one of the healthy ways to prepare your meals. You can also use coconut oil to fry your foods, as it has a high smoking point. It’s also a good substitute for butter for baking some pastries.

4. For Making Popcorn

adds some flavor to your popcorn by replacing your vegetable oil and using coconut oil instead. It gives your popcorn a pleasant coconut taste and smell.

5. As Hair A Treatment

Use Coconut Oil to make your hair treatment. To achieve shiny and luscious hair, use coconut oil, shea butter, other carrier oil like jojoba. Add essential oil to whip up a great hair oil that your hair will love.

6. To Eliminate Head Lice

Use Coconut Oil to eliminate and treat head lice. Coconut oil is perfect for ridding your head of lice. Replace your store-bought drugs or chemicals and use coconut oil instead. Apple cider vinegar is another good use to treat head lice.

Additional Tips on Coconut Oil Usage

■Hot Oil Treatment Using Coconut Oil

  • Hit coconut oil on the stovetop until late warm.
  • Section your hair in 4s or 5s and apply the oil on your scalp.
  • Cover with a shower cap and let sit for 1 hour.
  • Rinse off and moisturize your hair.

Tips: Do this every once a month to get rid of lice, add shine, and grow healthy hair.

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