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9 Signs To Identify Vitamin C Deficiency

9 Signs To Identify That You Have Vitamin C Deficiency

Vitamin C is an essential nutrient vitamin in the body. Without a particle of uncertainty, the body needs and requires vitamins. It keeps the bones and teeth solid, heals wounds, and soak-in Iron in the body. This vitamin is present in food. Also, it is sold as a dietary supplement and used medically to prevent and cure scurvy.

Furthermore, it also helps to create vital proteins in the body. These proteins are responsible for making and nourishing the skin, blood vessels, tendons, and ligaments.

In a nutshell, vitamin C is indispensable in our body. Even enzymes in the body need vitamin C to produce simple molecules needed for our body.

Without vitamin C, it will be challenging (If not impossible) for the body to produce these molecules. So, in this article, you will learn about some signs to know that you have a Vitamin C deficiency.

9 Signs To Know That You Have Vitamin C Deficiency

1. When There Are More Wrinkles Than Normal On Your Face

One of the signs of vitamin C deficiency is when you start having wrinkles more than average on your face. Ordinarily, vitamin C helps protect the skin from the harmful effects of UV radiation and oxygen exposure. Also, vitamin C supports collagen synthesis.

Collagen helps for the proper structure of the skin. So, when you have enough vitamin C in your body, the possibility of your skin getting wrinkled will reduce.

However, when the amount of vitamin C in the body is low, the skin encounters different problems. Some of these problems are; wrinkle, thickening skin, wound not healing on time, etc.

2. Fragile Hair That Breaks Easily

People suffering from vitamin C deficiency have fragile and easily broken hair. According to experts, the hair grows in a particular corkscrew pattern. Once you notice that your once thick and lush hair is becoming weak, it is a red alert for vitamin C deficiency. Visit an expert immediately for medical consultation and advice.

3. Bleeding Gum

When your gum is bleeding, it could be a sign of vitamin C deficiency. Like I said earlier, vitamin C supports collagen synthesis. And collagen holds together and supports the skin, bones, gums, and teeth. Therefore, when your body lacks vitamin C, your gums, bones, skin, and teeth will suffer from it.

Your gum can become inflamed when there is no vitamin C in your body. This will bring about bleeding gum. Bleeding gums are early signs of vitamin C deficiency in the body.

9 Signs To Identify That You Have Vitamin C Deficiency

4. When You Have Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is also a sign of knowing that you have a vitamin C deficiency. The teeth are made up of dentine. Dentine is the tissue that forms most of the teeth that hide below the enamel. And the tissue relies on vitamin C to stay healthy and perform better. To put it differently, when your body lacks vitamin C, the dentine will not be healthy. Thus, your teeth will start decaying. According to experts, malnourished people who don’t eat fresh fruits and vegetables are at risk of vitamin C deficiency.

5. When You Get Bruises Easily

Even though bruises are normal, you seldom see them in people with enough vitamin c in their bodies. It is undoubtedly a sign of vitamin C deficiency when you quickly get bruises. So, when you start noticing this often, start taking vitamin C each day. This will help to increase the vitamin c level in your body.

6. Your Wounds Take Time To Heal

Ordinarily, minor wounds don’t take time to heal up. It shouldn’t be more than 3 to 7 days before its starts healing up. However, when it is taking weeks to heal. It is one of the signs to know that you have a vitamin C deficiency.

7. When You Experience Joint Pain Often

Joint pain is one of the most common signs of vitamin C deficiency. When you lack vitamin C in the body, you will have joint inflammation.

Typically, vitamin C functions as an antioxidant that helps to fight inflammation. And when it is deficient in the body, it will not be able to fight inflammation very well, thus leading to joint pain.

According to experts, eating fresh fruits and vegetable is the easiest way to prevent vitamin C deficiency because it contains nutrients and phytochemicals that support good health.

8. Fatigue

It is a red alert of vitamin C deficiency when you feel tired more than necessary. To put it differently, when you sleep more than necessary, you need to take more vitamin C.

9. Brittle Nails

A common sign of vitamin C deficiency is when your nails get broken easily. Generally, vitamin C is essential for iron absorption within the body. Typically, you may not need to see the doctor if you notice any signs. All you need to do is add more fresh fruit and vegetables to your meal. This will go a long way to increasing vitamin C in the body.

Causes of Vitamin C Deficiency

Ordinarily, three out of every four older adults worldwide, especially in developing countries, suffer from vitamin C deficiency. This is due to poor diet and excessive consumption of tobacco.

One of the reasons people have vitamin C deficiency is when they take vitamin C below the recommended daily dosage. So, you can take vitamin C as a supplement or opt-in for fresh fruit and vegetable always.

Also, smoking and cooking with fuels and dung can reduce the vitamin C levels in the body. If this is not detected on time, it will cause oxidative stress.

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