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There have been so many questions on whether to use the popular African Black soap as shampoo. I will recommend the local African black soap primarily sold in the local shops or markets. Some folks call it Ghana soap.

Some people have complained of having various issues with their hair after using some of these branded soaps.

If you plan to use African black soap to wash your hair, I will advise you to get original black soap, melt the soap with different oils of your choice on low heat, and add honey and little shea butter.

You can also add hibiscus powder, moringa powder, pawpaw seed powder, neem powder, aloe-vera gel, peppermint oil, lavender essential oil. These oils are very potent, and likewise, they are optional.

 If you add Lavender essential oil, make sure you add it when the soap mixture has cooled down.

If the soap is hard, add oil to soften it. Do not use water. Store it in a clean container. Adding water to it will involve bacterial, and it won’t last.

Note: This recipe is best, as it helps you determine what goes in your scalp, and you are sure you add what you want and what works for you as well. If you can’t afford an essential oil or don’t know where to get one, go ahead and use the ones you have. If you have them be sure to use them in drops because they are very potent.

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