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Often we worry about how to manage our children’s hair without pain. Well, Goodnews, I am here to help with child hair care management tips. The below procedures will help a great deal.


Never co-wash or sham-wash the hair without first properly detangling the hair.

For detangling, you will be needing

•A wide-tooth comb or a detangling comb

 •Sulfate free conditioner (optional)

 •Spritz (3parts of water +1 part of oil ) Or 1 cup of water + 2 tablespoons of aloe vera juice + 2 tablespoons of glycerine

 •Hair clips and your fingers.


  1. You will need to section the hair in 6-8 sections and begin to work on each section one after the other by spritzing the hair generously, and then you apply a good amount of conditioner directly from hair to root.
  2. Use your finger to comb or detangle the hair, then use a wide-tooth comb/detangling comb.

3. when you are done detangling, make a loose two-strand twist or use a clip to hold the detangled hair and move to work on the next section until all the hair is properly detangled.


After you detangle the hair properly, then it is time for a wash. Bear in mind that It is important to note that co-wash is best preferred. You can shampoo the hair once in 4 or 6 weeks.

Due to the fragile stage of children’s hair, an all-time shampoo-wash is not advisable as that strips out all the moisture that the hair desperately needs, thereby causing the hair to have more knots for tangling and breakage.

Conditioner is designed to put moisture back into the hair, making it soft and easier to comb. Just like you wash the hair with shampoo, wash it with conditioner and remember to comb the hair in the process (you can wash the hair without taking out the twist).

When the hair has been appropriately co-washed, ensure you gently dry hair with a soft towel or clean T-shirt.

 Never use an electric dryer or straightener on the hair. At a tender age, children’s hair cuticles/shafts are still fragile to go through such heat.


Please be mindful that this next stage is crucial and must be worked with care and attention. Doing deep protein conditioning, especially on a protein-based co-wash product, can cause severe hair issues, and at this point, it’s essential to know when to strike a balance.

Many children’s hair process protein so well that they don’t need many protein treatments. In this regard, moisturizing deep conditioning like deep avocado conditioning, deep banana conditioning, Aloe vera deep conditioning is advised weekly or once in two weeks.

Protein deep conditioning could be done at least once in 4-6 weeks, or be sure that deep protein conditioning is needed before trying it out. Excess protein treatment would cause hair to be hard and breaks, so creating a balance is encouraged.


  1. After deep conditioning, ensure you properly moisturize damp hair with either a water-based or emollient conditioner. If you use a water-based conditioner, ensure that the hair ends are properly sealed with castor oil or hair butter.
  2. Ensure that the protective styles are not tight and avoid one that would stress the front hair. The best protective styles are cornrows (preferably), braids, threads, and yarns. A constant braiding, cornrow, yarn thread are not advised. At least two weeks of wearing cornrowed hair/braids on, one week of styled hair with ribbons and hair accessories. (such swaps will be healthier for the hair)
  3. While on protective styles, ensure the hair is constantly moisturized with water/oil spritz.
  4. Ensure the hair is cleaned and well taken care of; take care of it with either a co-wash or just pouring water on the hair (maximum duration of protective style should be two weeks).
  5. For styling, use hair butter and don’t load the hair with so many hair products. Please keep it simple!
  6. Avoid the chemical content of hair care products.
  7. Ensure you don’t follow a deep protein conditioning with a protein leave-in. A moisturizing leave-in is advised.
  8. For the use of African Black Soap (known as Dudu Osun soap) on your kid’s hair, it is best to use it in liquid form rather than using it in bar form. So you can make liquid soap with black soap.
  9. Spritz the hair properly before taking off the protective style. This is to prevent breakage and pain.
  10. Before going to bed, it is advised to moisturize the hair and use a satin bonnet or a silky scarf to cover the hair.


 The above procedures are not advised for babies between the ages of 1 day old-10 months old.

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