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‘ Weight loss tips’ would probably be the most searched term on Google at all times. In today’s age of social media obsession, looking fit, thin, beach-ready, chasing fitness goals, six-pack abs, etc.

Are some of the ideas that people cannot stop running after. Although it is beautiful to desire a gorgeous, fit body, the problem is that we all want it quick. Everything has to be instant, and that always backfires in the long run.

So, we resort to crash diets, over-exercising, following 6-week fad courses, and starving ourselves. The outcome- short-term results that boomerang, binge eating, slow and sluggish metabolism, sometimes irreparable damage, and an overall sense of depression. So, what exactly is going wrong here?

It’s officially party season, with Christmas and New Year cheer rife in the air. The entire holiday mood revolves around celebrations and indulgence, but this time of the year can be really self-sabotaging for those on a weight loss spree. Everyone has plans for revelry, but it is imperative to ensure that the fun does not turn into regret the next day with all the over-snacking and over-drinking.

All those months of self-control and healthy eating may turn to ash with the binging associated with the festive season. But that is not to suggest that you should shut yourself up and stay away from the festivities. We have listed some healthy drinks and snacks to indulge you in and spread the cheer guilt-free. Just go through the detailed secret diet plan for this Christmas and New Year’s eve to enjoy the party.

Here we are adding some tips to enjoy your Christmas and New Year party to get worry-free on this festive occasion by having some delicious foods with no weight gain.


Instead of gulping down alcoholic drinks that can do no good, here are some low-calorie beverage substitutes to avoid going to a weight loss clinic post the celebrations-


At only 46 calories per cup, Watermelon juice is rich in vitamin C and vitamin A, both of which are great for your skin. It keeps you hydrated, contrary to alcohol, and helps burn calories to lose weight as it is rich in amino acids.


Pomegranate juice is also a perfectly healthy substitute for alcoholic drinks that has no sugar and tastes great. It has low calories, no fats, and is rich in fiber, vitamins, and potassium that will help you to get your glowing skin and look perfect.


Mojito is a trendy drink, and its virgin (non-alcoholic) version is equally good. Made from soda/sparkling water, sugar syrup, mint leaves, lime juice, and ice, this drink detoxifies and aids digestion.


Give the traditional lemonade a tangy yet sweet makeover without the evil of processed sugar. This strawberry drink is rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, plus it tastes like heaven! Make it your perfect partner this New Year’s Eve party without adding extra inches to your waist, and enjoy the drink with a great test.



Nuts are a great way to snack your way to health. Keep them handy at the party and indulge in their nutritious taste in between drinks. It will help you to enhance your evening more delicious and yummy. Choose from almonds, macadamias, cashews, and walnuts.


If you are a non-vegetarian, eggs are a healthy option to snack on without piling those extra pounds. Eggs have always been recommended by the best fitness centers as well as weight loss clinics in Delhi. Hard-boiled eggs garnished with onions, veggies, olive oil, and a sprinkling of chili or pepper powder are easy, healthy snack for party evenings.


Indulge on lean cuts of meat this party season as they are a rich source of protein without adding extra calories. Toss them with fresh veggies and light dressings for a great party snack.


Cucumber can be combined with peanuts and onions, even broccoli to make a delicious salad with a vegetable/chicken stock, sugar, and lime juice dressing. This recipe is hydrating, keeps you fuller, and provides the much-needed nutrients too.


Sweet potatoes are great snacks to enjoy under the winter sun, but you can give them a glamorous makeover by using a salad. You can also boil and cut sweet potato and diced onions, add some mint and coriander chutney with some lime juice and eat the delicacy at your party.

It’s time to manage your weight with these yummy and healthy drinks and snacks on this festive evening, and enjoy this crowded evening with dance, music, and healthy eating.

Make the most of this party season by enjoying these healthy snacks and drink replacements guilt-free, but if you need further advice or treatments for fat loss and weight management, Clinic Dermatech is among the best weight loss clinics in Delhi. They offer various services such as Cryosculpting(Fat freezing), Body shaping (100 Days Body transformation), galvanic therapy, and other advanced weight loss therapies as per your need. Contact your nearest center or call them to know more.

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Here is wishing you all Merry Christmas and a great, healthy New Year ahead.

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