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Maintain These 7 Nutrition Guide For A Good Healthy Life

Maintain These 7 Nutrition Guide For A Good Healthy Life

As we age, we should endeavor to have our health as one of our top priorities to have a healthy living. We should consider the number of calories we consume into our body system, make sure that we eat the right food and calories enriched with good quality nutrients that our body desires in every step of our lives.

Some Medical Experts advised that we need to change our eating ways once we clock 30yrs, stating that males should costume 2,200 calories daily and females 1,980 calories, which decreases as you become 70 years old.

Below Are 7 Healthy Guides To Maintain A Healthy Life:

Eat Bananas
This fruit is rich in potassium, and it is linked to the reduction of high blood pressure. For those at risk, please eat at least two bananas a day. It also reduces the risk of stroke linked to aging.

Clean Water
Clean water is vital for your overall good health. As we age, we get prone to dehydration, mainly for those that are placed on blood pressure prescription drugs.
And Research shows that dehydration is one of the reasons that older folks are admitted to the medical clinic. The women folks are greatly advised to drink up to 9 cups of water while the men drink up 13 cups of water daily. Please ensure that you cut down on coffee intake and alcohol because diuretics increase dehydration risk.

Take Calcium-Rich Foods And Supplements
To help reduce the risk of bone fractures and brittles, we should eat dairy foods loaded with calcium and supplements.
Adults are encouraged to take in 1000 Milligrams of calcium daily. Veggies rich in calcium are Carrots, all Green Vegetables, Sweet Potatoes, Butternut Squash Turnips, Lima Beans, Parsnips. Fruits rich in calcium are Oranges, Dried apricot Kiwi, Tangerines, Pear, Dates, Dried Figs.

Lutein For Good Eye-sight
As you age, your eyesight might be challenging and can be led to cataracts. To avoid this, you need to indulge yourself in
consuming lutein which is also called EYE VITAMIN. Please, this is to be taken once you get to 40 years of age. You can get lutein from leafy veggies, eggs, yolks, grapes, sweetcorn, oranges. Lutein is also linked to beta-carotene, and it’s an antioxidant that protects the eye.

Reduce Your calorie Intake
We should know by now that our metabolic rate reduces as we get older, therefore cutting down our calories. Eating many calories will increase heart disease and make us prone to diabetes. Engage in exercise suitable for you, don’t sit at a place, get moving and be physically active and fit. Walking is a good source for older adults.

Take Vitamin B12 Supplements
This vitamin might be disregarded, but it is essential to our healthy living. It is required to produce red blood cells and improve our nerve function. Vitamin B12 fuels the brain, and being deficient in it causes impaired nerve function and cognitive decline.
Our body absorbs it as we eat animal proteins and dairy products such as eggs, milk, and meat. Vitamin B12 can also be derived from cells that are fortified and also from supplements.

Generally, eating foods and consuming fruits and veggies are the best ways and sources to get nutrients. But if we are not getting enough vitamins and nutrients from them, we can augment with supplements. And they are taken to help improve our good health with essential nutrients. As we get older, we need these supplements to live healthy, although too much of it might be damaging to us, so it will be best to seek your doctor’s advice before taking supplements, and he will recommend the best supplements your body needs.

So here you have it, folks. Please ensure to take your health seriously whether you are young or old. Healthy living increases your Life Span, stay fit and sleep well, eat right and enjoy a healthy lifestyle as you age.

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