Medicinal Benefits Of Canyenne Pepper

Botanical Name- “CAPSICUM FRUTESCENS” Cayenne/Chilli/Red pepper commonly called red pepper in Africa, is a herbal solution to Arthritis, Rheumatism, Stomach ulcer,high coloestrol,spondilosis,hypertension etc. What Are The Nutritional Properties? Antioxidants, carotene, capsicum, choking, dietry fibre, essential oils, iron, protein, sterile, vitamin A, B, C and E Medicinal Use Cayenne Pepper is […]

DIY Cayenne Pepper Oil

Cayenne pepper is loaded with capsaicin and quercetin which is responsible for causing a tingling sensation on the scalp. Stimulating and encouraging the transportation of nutrient rich in blood flow to the hair follicle. When this happens, hair growth is sure to  be evidient. Below Are Two Simple Methods On […]