10 Natural Home Remdies To Resolve Dark Circles.

dark Circles
Dark Circles are a huge concern to an affected person, it’s an issue that people seek to resolve and have a clearer smoother and even skin tone [colour].

Caveat Emptor: Always seek  medical advice to any possible concern of yours and be conscious of any information received online. Should in any case you notice any irritations please stop the application(s).

Below are some ways to end them with consistency

1. Almond Oil


Apply a little almond oil on the affected area.

2. Tomatoes Juice  


Grind fresh Tomatoes and apply the juice on your dark circles.

3. Tea-Bags

Dip Tea bag in a luke warm water and place it on the affected part.

4. Potatoes Juice   

Grate some potatoes and extract the Juice, now apply the juice on your dark circles.

5. Orange Juice   

MIX Orange juice and glycerine together, apply the mixture on the dark circles.

6. Cucumber   


Cut some thick slices of cucumber and place them over your eyes.

7. Almond and Fresh Milk   


MIX 1 tablespoon of Almond oil and few drops of fresh milk and apply on the affected area.

8. Mint Leaves   


Mix some mint leaves and few drops of water to form a paste and apply it on the affected area.

9. Cold Milk   


Use a cotton wool or balls, dip the wool inside a cold milk and place it on your dark circles.

10. Rosewater   


Dip a cotton wool or balls in a Rosewater and place it on your dark circles.

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