Being Overweight is more common than being underweight.
Overweight leads to Obesity  which can be linked to the increased risks of cancers, Osteoarthritis , high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, kidney disease, gallstones and many more
The BMI is one way to ascertain ones weight, it is measured in relation between your weight and height and provides a figure to help you know if you have normal weight, overweight or obesity

Below Ae Few Habits That Causes Overweight

1. Consuming Your Meal Quick

It is a habit of most of the people living in an exceedingly quick paced society. Eating quick allows you to eat an excessive amount of food before you’re totally in reality to it. It takes the brain 15-20 minutes to send out signal feelings of fullness. Scientists suggest that quick consumptuon of food could be a risk issue for the metabolic syndrome, a mix of the symptoms like HBP, obesity, and insulin resistance.

2. Watching Too Much Television

Too much television watching could be a sturdy predictor for obesity. Recent research has tested that individuals that engage in watching around 2 hours of Television per day are way more possible to be overweight than those that watched solely 30mins once daily. Once you are glued to watching your television you’re just about non-moving . Your pulse, blood pressure and heart rate declines, leading to shedding 30 or less calories per hour. An analysis carried out by Harvard University has shown that there’s a link between the quantity of food consumed by youngsters and  the quantity of time they spent watching.

3. Task-Snacking

Task-Snacking refers to ingesting food substance while doing chores, if you frequently eat snacks while operating or working on your laptops, driving, watching television or while cooking in the kitchen then you are practicing task-snacking which in turn adds those pounds of fat on your body.

4 Junk Fast Food

One of the large reasons we have a tendency to seeing a lot of blubber in our society of late is that we are too stressed and busy to create healthy dinners at home. Rather we are often opting for fast food. Thess fast foods compromise the standard of the meal neglecting healthy meals. they’re familiarity for cooking a high content of saturated and trans-fat, which lacks fiber, serves large portion sizes, and that result to overweight, then obesity.

5. Emotional Eating

Eating emotionally is the practice of ingesting too many amount of food in response to the feelings you are going through, (such as depression, anxiety, or loneliness) rather than hunger.
Experts estimate that 70 percent of gluttony is caused by emotions, what percentage of times have you ever found yourself scouring the pantry for a snack, or abstractedly munching on food once you are stressed out and you found out that it wasn’t because you were hungry? Emotional eating is a bad habit that we need to resist and do away with it.

6. Not Exercising

With all the stress from your schedule, Exercise could be the only last thing on your mind. If that’s your case, then you are not alone. People all over the world live a lot of inactive lifestyle than we’ve got in past generations  nevertheless our minds appear to be bothered with things that we need to achieve. Sadly, from sitting in traffic, spending hours on our office desk and jumping right in front  of the television while exhausted at the close of the day, exercise usually goes by the edge.

7 Keeping Inactive Friends

If you are piling on weight, you may wish to examine the people you are hanging out with. A study published within the NEJM in July 26, 2007 edition indicates that obesity is also socially contagious. The study was conducted on over 12,000 individuals over 32 years and suggest that having an obese friend, relative or spouse equivalent multiplied one’s risk of obesity by 37-57%.

8. Sleep Deprivation

Sleep deprivation will increase your risk of Overweight by boosting a craving stimulating hormone and lowering appetite suppressor. A research from the University of Bristol in the UK discovered that every one-hour decrease in sleep time was virtually linked to 3 percent more body fat.

9 Lack Of Calorie Knowledge

Alot of folks eat with no knowledge of the Calorie or fat nutritional value.This results in weight gain as they simply consume doubly the required quantity needed to keep up their weight. Always check for the nutritional information of any food before consuming it.

10. Skipping Meals

Research has shown that individuals who skip breakfast are prone to over weight while those that eats breakfast are likely to be overweight. Morning meals appear to assist those who’ve lost weight to keep it off. Denise Bruner, an obesity specialist says that skipping meals of any kind leads to a “tremendous bout of antagonistic hunger.”

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